Friday, January 16, 2015

Travel Essentials

When I travel, especially to places like Disney, I have a must list! These are my must needed items to make my trip Relaxing, Rejuvenating and Restful.

1) The all important Eye Mask! Without this, forget beauty sleep. I'm gonna be crabby. Getting a good nights rest is essential to a great vacation!
2) A stack of magazines! I love traveling on an airplane and leaving my magazines for the next person or if I'm in the car, good magazines are perfect to pass the time!
3) I always travel with my cell phone charger/ car charger. This thing is a must and will save you frustration, let me tell you! Don't forget the cell phone or else the charger is a blow. That's happened to me too.

4) I always travel with my water bottle. If I'm in a car, it's full of lemon oil and ready to go. If going through security, it's empty waiting to be filled near the gate! I can't leave home without it!

5) You must not forget this travel essential: The Umbrella- I've learned no matter where your destination is, the weather can change in an instant and you should be prepared!

6) Hoodie and a pair of jeans - I've learned that even in places where temperatures are always supposed to be warm, doesn't always mean they are, so I pack a hoodie and jeans, just in case. I would rather be prepared, than not have it.

7) Tote Bags- I am just a bag girl! I love bags more than purses and have several because they each have their own unique purpose. Each destination requires one or more totes depending on location, type of travel and what excursions are planned. Besides, a girl can never have too many bags right????

8) My Bible
Something about bringing my physical Bible is so important over an App. I would rather read it any day then an App on my iPad or phone.

10) Razors
Do you know how many times I've forgot this thing? Way more than I care to admit! No one wants to be hairy, unless your culture is cool with that and well, personally it's not my thing....

11) Scarfs
I love wearing scarfs, so bringing them on vacation makes me feel like a world traveler and it's just so much more fun! Bring a scarf!

12) Running Clothes and Shoes
You just never know when you're gonna have the opportunity to run in a unique place, so I make sure to be prepared. 

13) Rental Car- Most people don't mind adding wear and tear on their cars, but personally, if we are going somewhere far, I'd rather rent one. I don't have to worry about damages done to my paid off cars! Not that it's happened, it's just a sense of peace of mind. A cool website I recently learned about called RelayRides allows you to rent a car that's perfect for you or to actually rent your car out. It's pretty cool! Check out the website. It's also located in Orlando, Florida! This happens to be my favorite place in the whole wide world because Disney World in there! You can check them out right at the airport rentals where you will find them right at the Orlando Airport!

14) Camera
I'm still old school and won't just settle for my iPhone, but I actual bring our digital SLR camera on vacation. I want quality pictures that will last a life time!

15) Pig
My husband bought me a stuffed animal, pig and he travels everywhere with us! He's been all over the place! We love taking crazy photo ops with him. Pif is sentimental because Drew bought him for me during Easter one year and it was just a rough patch in our lives, so Pig goes everywhere. Someday, I don't think I would mind a small teacup pig. I think they are adorable.

Q: These are my top 15 travel essentials! 
What are yours! What must you have to make your vacation relaxing and enjoyable ?? 


Two Runners Travel said...

Love the stuffed pig and the purple running shoes. I never travel without food!

Sarah said...

Food is important! What kind of food???

Britt said...

This is a fun post! #3 just happened to Nick -remembered the charger, remembered the phone, but set the phone down in my trunk when he was getting his suitcase out at the airport and left it in my trunk... not cool!

Also, like Pig, I take Scooter everywhere - Nick got him for me 8 years ago!