Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thank Goodness for good People

It's Thursday, which means it's Friday Eve!! Wahoo!!

Yesterday, walking into school this happened!  
I was pretty sure I blew out my knee! I fell on a patch of ice walking into school that wasn't salted. The crazy thing was, I even saw the ice and was super careful NOT to fall. Clearly, that plan FAILED, miserable!!! I ended up going to occupational services to have both of my knees looked at by a doctor. My right knee was more jacked up that my left knee was, and so my building secretary end up taking me because it's hard to drive with your left foot. It was quite interesting time. The results came back and my knees are good just inflammation, no running, no climbing, no stairs. So, that means I need to start doing some swimming, just to let me knees heal after the brusing.

I went to the pool last night and already my knee was looking way better!! I'm using the method of ice on for 20 mins, off for half hour, repeat. Resting my knees and elevation.

The best part of my day came, when one of my friends decided to drop off a late Christmas present. Look what she brought me!! This was just so incredibly awesome for me!!!
This super cute mini mouse coffee mug! I cannot wait to put coffee or hot chocolate to go in this cup!
These adorable handmade mittens and my favorite color, purple!!!!

This was by far my favorite, Mr. and Mrs. Christmas ornaments!! Aren't they adorable? I love Mickey and Minnie Mouse! These are simply the best!! 

It's funny how an awful day can turn into a really great day!! One person has the power to change a bad day for someone and make it a great!! 

Q: Have you ever experienced a knee injury? How have you recovered? Has a friend ever gone out of their way to make your day better or been the recipient of a small act of kindness and that made your entire day?


Two Runners Travel said...

Oh Sarah, I am so sorry about your spill. Hopefully you will heal quickly and be back to your normal activities. Your friend certainly knows you well, what a thoughtful gift, with just the perfect color mittens and the Mickey and Minnie ornaments. The mug is super cute too. Enjoy your treats!

Sarah said...

I have a good friend for sure. My knee injury reminds me of when you were bite by the dog and had to find alternative ways to excercise. I'm hitting the pool, Pam!! Gotta keep training!!

Susan P said...

And I needed that reminder that God always has His perfect timing. To think I was so bummed because I missed Christmas! :) I got some fingerless gloves for Alex for Christmas and she loves them also. I wear mine all the time!
Ack on the knee bruises. I grew up a very clumsy person and am used to always having bumps and bruises. Not fun and a nuisance to find exercises around them!! Hope swimming goes well. :)