Monday, January 12, 2015

Off Training Runs

Congratulations to all the runners this weekend completing RunDisney events! Every event is worth celebrating. We all start somewhere!

Watching people celebrate their first marathon or half, got me thinking about my first 5k! What several years of running and eating differently can do for the body eh? 
I'm definately not that girl anymore, but a girl with a lot more guts! Amazing to see the physical and emotional weight that has been shed with running. 

This past week I got on the dreadmill for my long run. (3miles) Honestly, I need to make peace with this thing because I hate it with a passion and I'm trying so hard to love it. It's making me stronger, it's making me faster and it's giving me a consistent pace. I was mad though when I had to stop. 
I could feel my body just shutting down. My head was losing the game and I was out. No matter how much I tried to pull in, I was getting dizzy and I kept thinking you did 3 miles last week no problem, slowed my pace down, just kept getting more angry and more frustrated. I finally just hit the stop button and was DONE!

Sometimes you just realize you gave it your best, your body didn't have it for the dreadmill and you walk the rest. I'm trying to stay with my half marathon schedule and build my way back up to solid mileage with a good time, so I just walked the rest of the mileage.
It is, what it is and I'm just gonna call it a junk training run, I'll get it this next week!

q: How do you accept junk training runs? What do you do to make yourself feel better on off days?


Bari said...

The junky bad runs are hard on me. My long run from 2 Saturdays ago really crushed my spirit, so much that I did 9 miles inside this weekend. I can't handle what the snow does to my pace. If the TM is hard (it is for me too) try doing at least some of the run on the track. I've gotten used to counting the laps on one hand and miles on the other.

Sarah said...

The track is a great idea! I love the track! I wish I could gage my pace better or at least maintain a better speed. I could run outside for hours! 9 miles inside is fantastic! I need your tricks!