Sunday, January 18, 2015

For The Right Reasons- Bachelore Sean Lowe

Book Description

The "virgin Bachelor" Sean Lowe reveals the challenges of finding love while championing his Christian convictions in the morally complex world of reality TV.
After The Bachelorette broke his heart, Sean Lowe suspected his "nice guy" image hurt him. The show never emphasized it, but Sean committed to living according to biblical standards of sexuality, even as producers emphasized the risqué and promiscuous. A Texas boy from a Baptist home, Sean tells the story of how he went from a Division I college football player to a fan favorite on reality television, taking readers behind the scenes of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to see the challenges of living out his values and faith-and ultimately winning his true love's heart.

For the Right Reasons is about the journeys we all have to take in the real world, where being "good" is the right thing to do but sometimes doesn't seem to be enough; where betrayal is commonplace; and where that thing called perfection is actually just a cruel myth. Sean learned a few things from his two seasons on the hottest romance shows on television, and he wants others to benefit from those lessons: good does eventually win, lies will be discovered, and "nice guys" do ultimately finish first.

My Review: 
If you love the Bachelor and Bachelorette, you'll definitely will want to read this book. As a fan of the show, I found this book to be interesting. Sean is not perfect, in fact he is far from perfect. Emily saw him as a perfect perfect, but he has plenty of flaws and "For the Right Reasons" brings all those flaws right to the forefront. However, Sean is a down to earth guy who hasn't had the perfect life, who has struggled and is just a regular person, despite his wonderful season on the Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars. The take away from this book is that Sean isn't perfect, he is on a journey just like the rest of us, but he too has experienced grace. In experiencing grace, he found a wonderful woman to share his life with and their two dogs. I won't spoil a lot of details here because I could gush over a lot stuff that happened early on to Sean, but I think that makes this book so interesting. I started this book and finished it in one sitting. You won't want to stop reading. Enjoy! Fans, you should pick up this book, you won't be able to stop reading. 

Thank you Thomas Nelson for allowing me to review this book!


Britt said...

I have watched the Bachelor/ette off and on over the years depending on how raunchy the season is... I loved watching Sean's season! Did it say if Catherine was a Christian too?

Unknown said...
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