Friday, January 2, 2015

Dreams, goals, a New Year

Happy 2015! Who's ready to do a little dreaming?

 I think we all love the fresh start of a new year because it allows us the opportunity to dream new dreams and awaken dreams that have been put to sleep. For me, the New Year always allows a fresh perspective, to put the past behind, to move forward and re-focus my life. 

My husband and I enjoyed a quiet NYE at home. It was quite delightful. We watched the fireworks live at Magic Kingdom via the internet! Oh, how I love the internet! The crowds were a bit crazy for my liking, so I was thankful to be home!

This year as I begin to sit and think on our dreams for the year, I'm thinking in terms in a lot of things..

First, I am thinking of Personal dreams and goals.  The questions that are sparking in my head are things like what were my favorite moments of 2014 and where did I see growth? Where can I be more intentional?

Exercise: I would like to run more this year. Last year my body needed the space and time off. It just did. I was burned from running. It wasn't fun anymore. I need time off. Running has become fun again and that is what I need.

Food: I would like to learn new recipes and eat more clean. Less sugar, more fruits. Lots of vegetables and get into making new recipes. I am excited to try new foods. 
Books: To read:
Anne Franks Diary
The Complete Series of Mary Poppins
The Biography of Walt Disney
The Entire Set of the Mitford

Spiritual:  I want to continue to make JOY theme and mantra of my life. Serving others is way more important then myself. I want to love others!
Second, I'm dreaming of the ways I spend my days. We all spend days, which equals months and then years, which finally =our life. How are you living your life in your work? Are you being brave? Do you love what you do? Is it giving you great joy? Is it the thing you've always envisioned your life being? 
Financial: Pay the remaining balance of my car off. We paid off four loans last year including a car loan. We are $680 away from paying mine off and we are paying loans off early. I would like to pay off two more loans for the year 2015.  
Personal Growth: Pass my state boards, volunteer at the Childern's Hospital

Start writing my book.

We can't do this life without being in relationships with people. No matter how hard we try, relationships matter. What relationships matter to you the most? Are you making the most out of these relationships on a daily basis? 

 Marriage: Marriages take a lot of effort. This year I am going to make a point to spend time being more thankful and saying why I'm thankful.

Friends: I want to spend more time in person with my long distance friends, whether traveling to see them, facetiming them or talking on the phone. I miss my best friends and we need more time together.

Family/ Neighbors: I want to be more intentional about sending cards to my neighbors and family to let them know I care and appreciate them.

I don't see any of these as goals for 2015, but rather things that I am going to keep working on for the New Year. Many of these are dreams, while some of these are things I am working to get better at taking on!

q: As you're looking ahead to a New Year, what are areas in your life you're dreaming about or hoping to make changes this year?


Two Runners Travel said...

I love your reading list! I have read the entire Mitford series and love those books. I also read the Diary of Anne Frank after visiting her attic home in Amsterdam a few years ago. Rereading the book was very worthwhile. I hope all your dreams come true in 2015. Stay as sweet as you already are Sarah!

Sarah said...

I can't wait to dive into the Mitford series! I have the set! I just got Anne Franks Diary and what a privledge to have been able to visit her attic. Maybe since we are getting so much snow, I'll start one of these books :)