Sunday, January 4, 2015

Calling all Duck Lovers

If you like the show Duck Dynasty or the Robertson family, then you need to read "A New Season" by Al and Lisa Robertson. This book is about brokenness and redemption, something that you will I never suspected from the Duck Dynasty family.

We all have our skeletons in our closet, things we wished we wouldn't have done, but the infidelity, deceit, lies, shame, shattered dreams, bondage and horrible things this couple has endured has made them to be quite strong. The pain and emotional rollercoaster their relationship and marriage has gone through what put most people through a divorce, but these two are stuck through it, renewed their commitment to their marriage and their faith, which ultimately shows how much wisdom can be gained from any difficult situation. If their marriage can sustain an affair, money problems, years of baggage from childhood molestation, then any marriage can survive if two people are willing to work it out.

Having never watch the show myself, this book made me want to see what the Duck Dynasty clan is all about. Al and Lisa's story is extremely powerful and one that you cannot miss!! 

Thank you Howard Publishing for allowing me to review this book! 

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