Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Dandelion Field- Book Review (Weekend Book Corner)

The Dandelion Field
The Dandelion Field (Zondervan, January 2015)
This handsome firefighter makes a living coming to the rescue, but Gin doesn’t need a man to fight her battles.
After Raine’s dad walked out, Ginevieve Lightly never lived in one place too long, a rambling lifestyle that defined her daughter’s youth. When their car dies in Banister Falls, Wisconsin, Gin promises Raine they can stay until she finishes her senior year of high school. Gin will do anything to make sure her daughter has a bright future . . . a future that’s compromised when Raine reveals she’s pregnant.
Dan Moretti has only ever called Banister Falls home. After losing his best friend in a tragic accident, Dan devoted himself to responding to fires, rescuing the helpless, and guiding Cody Bennett, his best friend’s son, through life. With Cody being the epitome of the good kid, it was an easy job. Until he says four little words: “The baby is mine.”
Knowing gossip of Raine’s pregnancy will erupt sooner or later in the small town, Gin’s reflex is to grab the suitcase and escape to a new city, a new life. But with each passing day, Gin’s feet stay rooted in Banister Falls, and she falls a little more for this local firefighter who shows her not all men abandon women at the first sign of smoke.
As Gin and Dan do the best they can to guide the two teenagers through their early entry into adulthood, they discover together that romance can bloom in the rockiest of situations. And God can turn the pieces of a broken past into a beautiful new beginning.

My Review:
Shattered pieces of our past can bloom into something beautiful. In this book we see how difficult teen pregnancy can be, but as the reader we walk through the pain and difficulty with the characters in the story. We discovery the beauty of forgiveness, romance, trusting God during difficult situations and that He can do anything with the broken pieces of our lives. This book is great for teenagers who do not believe there is way out and great for adults who have children going through this situation. The character development is AMAZING. The characters take on like real people who struggle with life decisions and I love that. I could really relate to their humanness. This wasn't just some feel good but, but gut wrenching at times. The other unique thing about this book was the town was not ready for the Cody and Raine's pregnancy news as it was a highly religious and small community. However, this story is beautifully written and woven together that you can't help but love the story. I could on, but I would be giving away so many details to this wonderful book! You must read it yourself!

Thank you to Zondervan for allowing me to review this book! I was not compensated for a positive review and I enjoyed this book.


About the Authors:
Kathryn SpringerKathryn Springer is a USA Today bestselling author. She grew up in northern Wisconsin, where her parents published a weekly newspaper. As a child she spent many hours sitting at her mother's typewriter, plunking out stories, and credits her parents for instilling in her a love of books – which eventually turned into a desire to tell stories of her own. Kathryn has written nineteen books with close to two million copies sold. She lives with her husband and three children in Marinette, Wisconsin

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Running Tools

Happy Snow and Slick Road Day!

Honestly, I didn't see that coming! I'm super excited. My running is coming along smoothly. I just got a bottle of Runners Choice Oil for sore feet. Be on the look out for a review and a giveaway!

However, today I want to focus on one of the running tools that I recently have the opportunity to use and review. I love The North American Health Care Foot Rocker relieves lower body pain quickly, safely and easily with a rocking stretch.

This one size fits all rocker is designed to position your foot optimally, so you can work and stretch muscles, tendons and ligaments of your foot or lower legs by simply following the three, 30 second stretch intervals. This reduces and relieves pain associated with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, ankle strain, arch pain, calf pain or foot pain in general.
Honestly, it stretches my calfs like no other and I'm not having to stretch my feet and the stairs 100x knowing they aren't completely stretched. I love this product! I can stretch while texting, sending an email or watching TV as I'm standing. Note, make sure to stand in a sturdy place and even surface.  It's super easy to use, lots of ways to use it and it's a reasonably prices product for a great tool to help those running feet get relief!

This product is awesome and I highly recommend! Afterall, feet are important for running and so are your ankles. Why not take care of them.

Q: How do you take care of your feet and ankles? 


Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Breakthroughs

Good Morning Monday!

Why do the weekends fly on by? I'm not ready for the work week yet! I didn't get my good running nap in or a long time with a book in my hand this weekend! Oh, well! Some weekends are busy I guess!

I feel as though the dreadmill and I are making peace with one another. On Saturday, I finally was able to make it through FIVE miles. I can never run past three! And oh yah, my knee restrictions were finally lifted! 
Boom! 5 miles! Slowly, my pace is improving as I continue to train on the dreadmill. Dare I say, I might actual enjoy running on the hamster wheel.
However, I am not a fan of the sweaty and muggy gym, which is why I can't wait for the weather to improve! I wanna start getting my long runs outside, but I know that will come with time. 

Another huge improvement is my weightloss, which I hope to maintain. For a while the numbers were creeping up during the holidays, but with careful food control and small portions, I have managed to lose weight! 
For that, I am pleased! I am also noticing a huge change in my clothes. My shirts continue to be baggy. This past summer when we went to Disney I bought this shirt, which I love and now it's too big!!
 I'm super excited with the progress I've made and can't wait to watch my body change, become more stronger and gain endurance.

Q: What accomplishments are you proud of this year? 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Supermarket Healthy Book Review

Everyone wants to feel good about what they are eating, serving guests, and feeding their families, but most of us don't do our weekly shopping at pricey specialty stores-- we do it at the local supermarket and we don't want it to break the bank. In her second book, Melissa demystifies the task
of preparing nutritious and delicious food by showing exactly how you can make your grocery store work for you. She offers helpful strategies for shopping, cooking, and entertaining, as well as meal blueprints and nutritional information throughout. This book will make you confident about the food you're buying, preparing, and eating. Delicious recipes like Almond Waffles with Raspberry-Basil Sauce, Kale and White Bean Caesar Salad in a Jar, Slow-Roasted Tomato Spaghettini, Flatiron Steaks with Quick Cauliflower Kimchi, and Flourless Fudgy Dream Cookies have something for every type of eater at every meal of the day. No matter your favorite flavors or dietary needs, cooking on a budget is empowering-- and now you can learn how to make every bite count. If cooking at home is the key to healthy living, Supermarket Healthy is the only tool you'll

My Review: 
 This book is has beautiful pictures that instantly draw your eye into the book. Aside from the beautiful pictures, anyone looking to create a healthy diet can change their diet with this book as it gives you the tools you need to purchase healthy foods in your home. It gives you simple and healthy meals to make breakfast meals, lunches, salads, pastas, dinner meals and desserts. No matter what kind of eater you have in your home, you will be sure to find something in this book for everyone in your home. I love how easy and nutritious this book is. Melissa also offers super easy strategies for grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping, it takes so much of my time, but I love the tips Melissa offers on shopping.

This book is great and you will find it highly useful! I know I have! Thank you to Waterbrook for providing me this book for review. I was not compensated for a positive review, but offered a book for review purposes only. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

More Than Happy The Wisdom of Amish Parenting- Book Review

More Than Happy The Wisdom of Amish Parenting is about a woman named Serena Miller who goes on a journey to find out why Amish children and families are so happy.

She learns a lot more about the Amish culture then she had anticipated. She learns that weddings are very family orientated, are spoken in German and typically can have a three hour sermon before the actual wedding. Children are involved in the wedding process and are given great responsibility in carrying gifts, passing food out and helping the small details.

One thing that is very unique about raising a child in the Amish community is that they are never alone. From the day they are born, they are surrounded by people. If hey baby is fussy and is having a difficult time sleeping, the mother will not put the child in the crib, but rather hold the child until he or she calms down.  And our culture, we might put the child in the crib and let them just "cry it out." 

Additionally, Amish children eat everything that is put on the table in front of them. Although, it may not be their favorite meal, they do eat a portion of everything. Some tend to take more of a certain item rather than other siblings. They never complain about food. 

I could go on and on about the things I learned in regards to the Amish community. This book is absolutely fascinating and intriguing. I really enjoyed learning about the Amish family, children and their lifestyle. I think I could take many of their traditions and cultivate them into my lifestyle, for something more simpler.

Thank you Howard Publishing for allowing me to review this book. It was delightful! The opinions expressed here are my own, I was given this book for review purposes only.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday Hobbies

Happy Wednesday! 
So, I have this new toy I have been experimenting with and it's been a lot of fun!
I'm realizing you can't just YouTube videos and hope for the best though. Last night, I had a big opps and busted a needle into the bed/ metal part of the machine! Whoops!
I'm making a quilt for a friend who is getting married. These are the fabrics I choose and this is an idea of what it will look like when it's finished!
I'm hoping this will be the end result or something close to it...
This weekend I spent hours cutting out all of these squares, which doesn't look like a lot,but it takes so much time. This seems so simple in comparison to beautiful quilts I've seen. Since this is my first one, I'm making it simple and hoping I'll get more fancy as I go!

Q: After reading so many books about quilting, I decided to try it out. What new hobbies are you interested in learning?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday Updates

Yay for Tuesday!!!

This post is going to be mainly about updates.

My first update is going to be on the knee situation. As you can see it is bruising quite well and in the healing process. I go back to the doctor on Friday morning and I am hoping they will lift my restrictions, so I am able to continue training for my races.
It looks ugly, doesn't it? In the meantime, I have been walking the mileage on the treadmill, which stinks!!

My second update, is on my speech therapy. Yesterday, I was put on speech restrictions for teaching large classroom groups as I have the lost my voice, experienced slurred speech, hoarseness in my voice and a weaker voice. Ugh!!!
It will get better, just a small setback.

In other news, my husband has lost 13 pounds. Here is the before picture on Christmas Day.
And here is an after picture, which you can seriously tell in my husbands face. His nutrition has been spot on and he is been a running like crazy. He has been PRing his 5K pace every single time. He's getting faster and faster. I'm seriously jealous of him, but so proud of him. When you can't run you get angry at your spouce, but you also get super excited for them too. 
I hope he continues his weight-loss journey, because it is so good for his racing and his body. Although our grocery bill has skyrocketed, it is worth it to me for every pound he has dropped. I on the other hand, have not dropped a stinking pound and am eating the same things he is. Oh, well!

My last update is that my husband and I have decided to serve at starlight shores again. Starlight Shores is a camp for families who have a child going through pediatric cancer. Like last year, many of you helped fund raise and donated to help support this worthy cause, so families could enjoy a week of camp cost free of charge creating a lifetime of memories with their family, that they might not otherwise have. I can't wait to get you all involved again, as you know it changed our entire life, the families we served and we cannot wait to serve in August this year again!

 Q: do any of you have updates? Any crazy things going on? How's your training going???

Sunday, January 18, 2015

For The Right Reasons- Bachelore Sean Lowe

Book Description

The "virgin Bachelor" Sean Lowe reveals the challenges of finding love while championing his Christian convictions in the morally complex world of reality TV.
After The Bachelorette broke his heart, Sean Lowe suspected his "nice guy" image hurt him. The show never emphasized it, but Sean committed to living according to biblical standards of sexuality, even as producers emphasized the risqué and promiscuous. A Texas boy from a Baptist home, Sean tells the story of how he went from a Division I college football player to a fan favorite on reality television, taking readers behind the scenes of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to see the challenges of living out his values and faith-and ultimately winning his true love's heart.

For the Right Reasons is about the journeys we all have to take in the real world, where being "good" is the right thing to do but sometimes doesn't seem to be enough; where betrayal is commonplace; and where that thing called perfection is actually just a cruel myth. Sean learned a few things from his two seasons on the hottest romance shows on television, and he wants others to benefit from those lessons: good does eventually win, lies will be discovered, and "nice guys" do ultimately finish first.

My Review: 
If you love the Bachelor and Bachelorette, you'll definitely will want to read this book. As a fan of the show, I found this book to be interesting. Sean is not perfect, in fact he is far from perfect. Emily saw him as a perfect perfect, but he has plenty of flaws and "For the Right Reasons" brings all those flaws right to the forefront. However, Sean is a down to earth guy who hasn't had the perfect life, who has struggled and is just a regular person, despite his wonderful season on the Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars. The take away from this book is that Sean isn't perfect, he is on a journey just like the rest of us, but he too has experienced grace. In experiencing grace, he found a wonderful woman to share his life with and their two dogs. I won't spoil a lot of details here because I could gush over a lot stuff that happened early on to Sean, but I think that makes this book so interesting. I started this book and finished it in one sitting. You won't want to stop reading. Enjoy! Fans, you should pick up this book, you won't be able to stop reading. 

Thank you Thomas Nelson for allowing me to review this book!

Weekend Book Corner Review: A Stich in Crime

New from Abingdon Press’ Quilts of Love series | A Stitch in Crime
A Stitch in CrimeThea’s first quilt show is coming apart at the seams!
Thea James has accepted an assignment as co‑chairperson for Larkindale’s first quilt show extravaganza. Juggling the new assignment with running her antique business, she’s already feeling frayed when things start to unravel.
Mary‑Alice Wentworth, a much‑loved town matriarch, respected quilt judge, and Thea’s dear friend, is covertly conked on the head during the kick‑off Quilt Show Soiree, throwing suspicion on her guests. It also appears that a valuable diamond brooch has been stolen during the attack. The family is furious. But is it because of their mugged mother or the missing diamonds?
When a renowned textile expert goes MIA and the famous Wentworth heritage quilt disappears, Larkindale’s reputation as a tourist haven is at risk. Thea attempts to piece the mystery together and save the town’s investment in the quilt show before Mary‑Alice is attacked again . . . with far worse results

qol-stitchincrime-400 My Review:
From the get go, this book didn't have me initially, but then once Mary Alice is knocked out and were hear a blood curling scream, I was in. This book is a mystery and you have to figure out who did it. It reminds me of the game Clue. A house is full of witnesses, guests and a girl near the bedroom, foot steps were heard, but no one knows who knocked out Mary Alice for her diamond brooch. Was it a man, was it the girl found in her bedroom? Who was it? Not only is the brooch missing, but a heirloom quilt. The mystery is up for you the reader to find out. The author does a great job trying to leave the reader guessing at who was the person behind the items that are missing. Overall, another great book from the Quilt of Love Series. You need to get to Chapter two and three before things start picking up.

Thank you Abingdon Press for allowing me to review this book. The opinions expressed here are my own. I was not compensated for a positive review. I was only provided a complimentary book for review purposes. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weekend Book Corner Reviews: Get Your Joy Back

Get Your Joy BackGet Your Joy Back (Kregel Books, January 2015)
An invitation and a promise for weary Christian parents of special needs kids from a parent who’s been there.
“It isn’t the long day of monitoring a child’s precarious health or being hypervigilant about her mood and mental health challenges that weighs parents down; it’s the wishing that things were different. . . . Resentment, not the intense care they must provide their child, is the parents’ greatest stressor and source of pain.” —Laurie Wallin
Parents of specials needs children are exhausted. They’ve done all the research, consulted all the experts, joined support groups, gotten counseling, fought for the best life for their children. Often just caring for their children’s needs and attempting to maintain a home maxes out parents’ mental, emotional, and spiritual reserves.
Laurie Wallin knows firsthand the difficulties of this journey. With Get Your Joy Back, she steps forward to make a bold, audacious claim: in the midst of this long-term, intense task, it is still possible to have an abundant life, full of joy. The key to radically changing daily life and restoring joy to the weary is forgiveness. Wallin gives parents a lifeline to find that restoration, pulling them back to shore when they feel like they’re drowning.
This book is full of practical, biblical insights and strategies to shed the resentments that leave Christian special-needs parents themselves spiritually, emotionally, and socially drained. Wallin meets readers right where they are, sugar coating nothing, but addressing issues with honesty, humor, and–above all–hope.
Learn more and purchase a copy at Laurie’s website.

My Review:
 Working with children of special needs can be exhausting, especially on a daily basis, but living and caring for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can bring it to a whole new level. Having JOY every single day can be overwhelming, frustrating and completely draining. Not only caring for a child with special needs, but then also taking care of your every day life things like paying bills, grocery shopping, going to the Dr's, bedtime routine, visiting family and vacations? Those can be so overwhelming! I love how Laurie is honest, authentic and real about how difficult it can be to care for a child that has such demanding needs. On the other hand, Laurie realizes how beautiful it can be watching God's story unfold in each and every situation whether good, bad or ugly.  God uses the mess and makes it for good. He uses the labels, diagnoses, therapeutic appointments and can turn them into good situations if you allow him to enter in and choose JOY!  Of course this book is filled with humor, encouragement, validation and hope, which the world could use!

About the Author:

Laurie Wallin strives every day to live out her message for families: that no matter the challenge, in Jesus they can have joy and confidence. She is mom to four girls, two of them with mental and developmental special needs. She has been a certified life coach for over a decade, and is a regular speaker at women’s events and retreats, a popular blogger, and the author of "Why Your Weirdness Is Wonderful."

Thank you Kregal Books for allowing me to review this book. The opinions expresses here are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. I was only provided a complimentary book.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Travel Essentials

When I travel, especially to places like Disney, I have a must list! These are my must needed items to make my trip Relaxing, Rejuvenating and Restful.

1) The all important Eye Mask! Without this, forget beauty sleep. I'm gonna be crabby. Getting a good nights rest is essential to a great vacation!
2) A stack of magazines! I love traveling on an airplane and leaving my magazines for the next person or if I'm in the car, good magazines are perfect to pass the time!
3) I always travel with my cell phone charger/ car charger. This thing is a must and will save you frustration, let me tell you! Don't forget the cell phone or else the charger is a blow. That's happened to me too.

4) I always travel with my water bottle. If I'm in a car, it's full of lemon oil and ready to go. If going through security, it's empty waiting to be filled near the gate! I can't leave home without it!

5) You must not forget this travel essential: The Umbrella- I've learned no matter where your destination is, the weather can change in an instant and you should be prepared!

6) Hoodie and a pair of jeans - I've learned that even in places where temperatures are always supposed to be warm, doesn't always mean they are, so I pack a hoodie and jeans, just in case. I would rather be prepared, than not have it.

7) Tote Bags- I am just a bag girl! I love bags more than purses and have several because they each have their own unique purpose. Each destination requires one or more totes depending on location, type of travel and what excursions are planned. Besides, a girl can never have too many bags right????

8) My Bible
Something about bringing my physical Bible is so important over an App. I would rather read it any day then an App on my iPad or phone.

10) Razors
Do you know how many times I've forgot this thing? Way more than I care to admit! No one wants to be hairy, unless your culture is cool with that and well, personally it's not my thing....

11) Scarfs
I love wearing scarfs, so bringing them on vacation makes me feel like a world traveler and it's just so much more fun! Bring a scarf!

12) Running Clothes and Shoes
You just never know when you're gonna have the opportunity to run in a unique place, so I make sure to be prepared. 

13) Rental Car- Most people don't mind adding wear and tear on their cars, but personally, if we are going somewhere far, I'd rather rent one. I don't have to worry about damages done to my paid off cars! Not that it's happened, it's just a sense of peace of mind. A cool website I recently learned about called RelayRides allows you to rent a car that's perfect for you or to actually rent your car out. It's pretty cool! Check out the website. It's also located in Orlando, Florida! This happens to be my favorite place in the whole wide world because Disney World in there! You can check them out right at the airport rentals where you will find them right at the Orlando Airport!

14) Camera
I'm still old school and won't just settle for my iPhone, but I actual bring our digital SLR camera on vacation. I want quality pictures that will last a life time!

15) Pig
My husband bought me a stuffed animal, pig and he travels everywhere with us! He's been all over the place! We love taking crazy photo ops with him. Pif is sentimental because Drew bought him for me during Easter one year and it was just a rough patch in our lives, so Pig goes everywhere. Someday, I don't think I would mind a small teacup pig. I think they are adorable.

Q: These are my top 15 travel essentials! 
What are yours! What must you have to make your vacation relaxing and enjoyable ?? 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thank Goodness for good People

It's Thursday, which means it's Friday Eve!! Wahoo!!

Yesterday, walking into school this happened!  
I was pretty sure I blew out my knee! I fell on a patch of ice walking into school that wasn't salted. The crazy thing was, I even saw the ice and was super careful NOT to fall. Clearly, that plan FAILED, miserable!!! I ended up going to occupational services to have both of my knees looked at by a doctor. My right knee was more jacked up that my left knee was, and so my building secretary end up taking me because it's hard to drive with your left foot. It was quite interesting time. The results came back and my knees are good just inflammation, no running, no climbing, no stairs. So, that means I need to start doing some swimming, just to let me knees heal after the brusing.

I went to the pool last night and already my knee was looking way better!! I'm using the method of ice on for 20 mins, off for half hour, repeat. Resting my knees and elevation.

The best part of my day came, when one of my friends decided to drop off a late Christmas present. Look what she brought me!! This was just so incredibly awesome for me!!!
This super cute mini mouse coffee mug! I cannot wait to put coffee or hot chocolate to go in this cup!
These adorable handmade mittens and my favorite color, purple!!!!

This was by far my favorite, Mr. and Mrs. Christmas ornaments!! Aren't they adorable? I love Mickey and Minnie Mouse! These are simply the best!! 

It's funny how an awful day can turn into a really great day!! One person has the power to change a bad day for someone and make it a great!! 

Q: Have you ever experienced a knee injury? How have you recovered? Has a friend ever gone out of their way to make your day better or been the recipient of a small act of kindness and that made your entire day?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Healthy Recipes

The past week, we have been eating lots of fruits and vegetables back into our diet. Honestly, I haven't dropped a pound, but my husband is looking great! He is losing weight like crazy and his stomach is getting flat, it's really aggravating! I'm staying the same. So I have this really great smoothie recipe for you to try, if you like smoothies. It has lots of healthy ingredients, it's easy and anyone can make it!

The best part, it's DELICIOUS and it keeps you FULL! Both things I struggle with.


- Handful of Kale
- 1 cup of Sugar Free Apple Juice
- 1/4 Cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk
-Full Bananna
- 1Cup of Blue Berries (Frozen are fine)
- 1 Cup of Strawberries (Frozen are Fine)

Blend Away! You'll have a great smoothie!!

Another reciepe that I have been eating by the handfuls is Broccoli and I'm not a huge fan, but this vegetable bake in the oven is absolutely delicious! This Garlic Roasted Broccoli is to die for!! 

Head of Broccoli, cut into florets
3 tbsp Olive Oil
5 cloves of garlic, but we used garlic seasoning because we had it on hand.
1tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1tsp lemon juice

1) preheat the oven to 400°F.
2) In a bowl, mix broccoli with olive oil salt black pepper and garlic salt. Spread the broccoli onto a baking sheet.
3) Bake broccoli until tender for about 15 minutes and then turn halfway through the baking process. 
4) After baking, squeeze the lemon juice over the Broccoli before serving. It is the best part and adds so much flavor. 

Q: What changes are you making towards a healthier diet in 2015? Any suggestions on reciepes you love?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Off Training Runs

Congratulations to all the runners this weekend completing RunDisney events! Every event is worth celebrating. We all start somewhere!

Watching people celebrate their first marathon or half, got me thinking about my first 5k! What several years of running and eating differently can do for the body eh? 
I'm definately not that girl anymore, but a girl with a lot more guts! Amazing to see the physical and emotional weight that has been shed with running. 

This past week I got on the dreadmill for my long run. (3miles) Honestly, I need to make peace with this thing because I hate it with a passion and I'm trying so hard to love it. It's making me stronger, it's making me faster and it's giving me a consistent pace. I was mad though when I had to stop. 
I could feel my body just shutting down. My head was losing the game and I was out. No matter how much I tried to pull in, I was getting dizzy and I kept thinking you did 3 miles last week no problem, slowed my pace down, just kept getting more angry and more frustrated. I finally just hit the stop button and was DONE!

Sometimes you just realize you gave it your best, your body didn't have it for the dreadmill and you walk the rest. I'm trying to stay with my half marathon schedule and build my way back up to solid mileage with a good time, so I just walked the rest of the mileage.
It is, what it is and I'm just gonna call it a junk training run, I'll get it this next week!

q: How do you accept junk training runs? What do you do to make yourself feel better on off days?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WDW Marathon Weekend and Why you Should do It!!

When I think of the longest month of the year, January, I think of my favorite memory! Running at Walt Disney World during marathon weekend doesn't compare to any other races I've done. If you've never run a Disney race I highly recommend it, but more importantly I recommend Marathon weekend at Disney World. Nothing beats 26.2 miles in four theme parks!

1) Where can you run with thousands of spectactors cheering you on? People are yelling your name and random people are passing on candy! It's amazing to see the Disney spirit come alive. If you're contemplating the 26.2 distance, this is the one to do!

2) You get to run through all four Disney Parks and see a bunch of characters! C'mon that's super sweet!! You can take pictures with your favorite characters, it's distracting and as a first timer, it makes it go by super fast. This is another great reason if your on the fence for 26.2 miles!

These were giant puppet creatures that 
were at WDW marathon during their 20th Anniversary Marathon! Pretty sweet!!

3) Let's talk about the AMAZING bling factor! Disney has got mad bling that nothing can really compares.. Let's be honest!!! They make some stellar hardwear! Again, another reason to cross over and go 26.2!

4) Nothing in this world can compare to crossing the finish line of your first marathon! My emotions were everywhere from excitement to pain and tearful that I had just accomplished the biggest thing on my bucket list! I was a wreck and yet so HAPPY! Determination and victory isn't something you can buy, but Run Disney sure makes the work of 26.2 miles worth every ounce of it!

5) I'll remember this day as a day of fun in the parks where I got to run with people in fun and exciting costumes! People were incredibly generous and helpful. Medical tents were all over the course. Volunteers were phenomal with handing beverages and it was just one of the best days running ever, despite the hot temperatures! It's the reason we went and did Coast to Coast (C2C) for dumbo challenge. If you're thinking about taking you're running to a new level and wanting to go 26.2, Disney pulls out all the magic and doesn't disappoint! 
Q: What is your favorite Run Disney event? Would you run a Disney race? Go the 26.2 distance?