Monday, December 1, 2014

The ultimate guide to the Daniel fast

The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast is written by Kristen Feola. This recipe book contains over 100 recipes +21 daily devotionals to kick off your way to a healthier lifestyle and to great healthier eating patterns! Some have even made the Daniel fast a part of their lifestyle!
This book will help you learn to get rid of sugar and any process ingredients out of your daily diet in order to embrace a healthier eating life style, plus allow you to discover greater awareness of God's presence.  Sugar really slows your metabolism down and ultimately makes me feel like garbage! 
The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast equips you to use practical tools during your fasting experience, which allow you to eat foods that are better for you, which lead to healthier and more longer life.

It also includes 21 devotionals that will help feed you on God's truth! Many of the recipes are so easy and can be swapped out of many of the great foods you love!
I like that this book had so many recipes to plan meals for each week. If you are someone who loves carbs, this diet can difficult because it focuses a lot of avoiding those things, but it does incorporating more whole foods. You can eat breads, rice and beans, just more healthier versions- whole grain options. Also, you want to focus on staying away from sugar and eating real foods like raw vegetables, fruits, legumes and things that grow from plants. This diet is perfect is start slowing incorporating, especially with the holiday season.. We are all trying to watch our calories.  Our church always starts this diet up in January, so I cannot wait to use many of these recipes.

Thank you Book Sneeze for providing me a copy of this book! 

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