Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Addictions or maybe Traditions

When Christmas comes around, I have this tendency to buy certain things that revolve around Christmas, but I don't do this with other holidays. I'm wondering if you had the strange addiction too?

When it comes to magazines, I'm all in. I love looking at Christmas magazines! I just can't help myself! Seriously, my husband gets super annoyed because I literally scan the aisles at the grocery store looking at magazines that I have not seen yet, that I HAVE to purchase! Even the cashiers will try to check us out to speed the process up and I will have to tell them we are not ready.
Now if I'm honest, I really don't HAVE to purchase any of these, but I love them and they make the season a little brighter for me. Weird? Maybe!

I also have this thing about trying Christmas food. I am what the marketing department loves, especially when they're trying to sell a new product especially at Christmas!

Are you like this too?? Please tell me I'm not the only one! Or else, I'm a sucker for the marketing techniques and it gets me every time! 

I'm also a sucker for movies, especially Hallmark movies. C'mon don't tell me you don't curl up on Friday nights and watch these?? They are the best! When I find a movie I like, I must have it!!
These are just a few of my yearly traditions or possible addictions depending on how you look at it, either way, I love Christmas and I love these things about myself.

Q: What are your Christmas addictions or maybe traditions?


Britt said...

Have you been to the cereal isle lately? Last night I was there and I wanted to buy 1 of every kind of Christmas Cereal... Christmas Crunch, Sugar Cookie Pebbles, Holiday Sprinkles Cookie Crisp..... etc.

Karen Seal said...

Yes to Hallmark movies and anything flavored with peppermint! :) I absolutely love this holiday!

Sarah said...

Drew bought some Christmas cereal!! He loves to buy it!!!

Sarah said...

Karen, you're my kind of gal!! Love peppermint and love hallmark!! Love a good sap movie :)