Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Running + Weight Loss

My husband has been begging me for us to get a YMCA membership. We used to have a membership, But it just got so expensive that we decided to get rid of it. Finally, last week I caved in and said, "yes we can get our membership back again!"
He was thrilled, beyond excited!

I knew this meant I had to get my booty into the gym and get this runner body into shape. I knew I couldn't go full throttle, like I used to be able to do, especially after suffering a concussion, but I figured 1 mile was doable. WRONG!
Upon hitting some sprint drills, the headache started pounding and I couldn't breath. I literally couldn't get deep breaths out. My airways felt constricted. I was pissed! #Rundisney gear makes everything better. I'll just keep going to the track and working on it!

So, I haven't posted weight loss in a long time because honestly I just hit the plateau of 133, but looks like my body is cooperating now and is ready to move out of the 130's! We are so close!!!! 

I would love to get rid of this small pouch on my stomach and be flat for a two piece this summer.

 I'm yoging it up too, so I'm excited to get more strong!

 I'm excited to go into Thanksgiving giving everything I have, to make decisions towards health and I'm thankful that despite every single set back this year, I've owned every second I lived. 

Q: As you enter the Thanksgiving festivies, what changes are you thankful you've made this year towards better health?


Karen Seal said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about your headache. I do agree, though...runDisney gear definitely makes things better! Yay for yoga and a ymca membership! Happy Thanksgiving, Sarah!! :)

Sarah said...

Happy Thanksgiving Karen! RunDisney makes everything better! Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your husband and family!