Thursday, November 20, 2014

National Children's Grief Awareness Day- My Yellow Balloon

 Today is National Children's Grief Awareness Day! The point of this post is to bring awareness to grief. Every year children face grief whether losing a loved one through loss, divorce, foster care, deployment, incarceration or deportation. Many of the children I work with, face loss on a daily basis. I am not far removed from loss. I had the opportunity to review a book called "My Yellow Balloon", which deals with loss.

My Yellow Balloon written by Tiffany Papageorge is about a six year old boy named Joey. 

Joey is at the carnival where he falls in love with this magical balloon and instantly the two are friends. They do every together.


The balloon slips off his wrist and floats away. As soon as the balloon leaves, Joey turns sad. 
He is going through the grieving process. Now to some you might say it's a balloon!!! Really, this story is about grief and loss. As Joey continues, the color eventually comes back in the illustrations, showing the seasons of grief. I love this book! 
Soon, all the color is back and Joey is happy when spring arrives because the sun reminds him of his balloon friend.

This book is perfect for helping children through loss, grief and letting go. This book can also be used for children who have parents who maybe incarcerated and the stages a child may feel going through the loss of a parent not being at home. I could also see this book being used for deployment or any other major loss.

I loved this book, it will be so useful with my students and I recommend to anyone who works with children or who has children. It's a beautiful story. 

Thank you to PR by the Book for allowing me to review this book. It receives 5 stars and I was not compensated for a positive review, but my opinion is expressed for review purposes only.


Britt said...

Sounds like a great book! I love how the colour disappears and comes back, that is neat!

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