Monday, November 10, 2014

Appreciating the Difficult Days


It's no secret they aren't my favorite day, especially when it involves the work week, but for some people Monday is a new beginning, a fresh start at life or another chapter.

I'm beginning to look at life with a fresh perspective. Drew and I know so many people walking through some deep stuff; job losses, miscarriages, losing children to early, loved ones battling addictions, family seperation, families holding on as their children fight through cancer, women being unable to concieve and loved ones with health problems. 

Although people are going through these difficult things and yet, we've experienced many of them ourselves, it gets very tricky as the holidays approach.

 As much as I love this to be a feel good blog, I love this to be a place where it's real too and in my real world, the holidays are tough for people experiencing any of these challenges. 

As you begin your holiday traditions in whatever form or fashion, reach out to someone and include them in your plans. You never know what that will do for them.

 Maybe it's simply purchasing the red cup behind you in line at Starbucks..
Maybe bake a batch of your favorite cookies for someone.
Or like my friend who leaves for Disney today... Send a pic saying you support #teamstorm in the fight and you're wearing purple nail polish down!

Appreciate the difficult days because when the days are easy, then you can look back on the difficult days and remember you can get through anything. You will also remember those who carried you through the difficult days and when they are going through something difficult, you will carry them.

Q: When has someone carried you through a difficult time ?


Britt said...

If I wore nail polish, I would wear purple for 2 different teams #teamstorm and #teamselmeski!

Sarah said...

I like that I have a hashtag! Way to be awesome!!