Monday, October 27, 2014

Trying to make the lemons work

If I'm really honest, I can tell you that I've been struggling a lot lately. Life has thrown a lot of lemons at me and I have had to choose whether I am going to make lemonade or throw the lemons.

Recently over the past six months, I have lost my voice several times, which resulted in a specialist appointment with the ENT. This has now led me to finding out that my vocal chords are swollen and quite inflamed. The only way to fix the inflammation and to get my vocal chords working properly because they're not closing the right way is to do speech therapy.

In normal circumstances speech therapy would be no big deal, but I am dealing with therapy, trying to figure out if we can have a baby and we have been dealing with a lot of family stress. All these things combined, have not made life easy. I bought myself a bracelet this weekend to remind myself that I can only control the things within my reach and the rest I have to trust God for. 
When life gets stressful and it often does, I journal a lot. I really, really want to run, but I am waiting to find out if running would impact my breathing and my vocal chords or if it would further damage it because I believe it would be really good to get rid of some of my stress.

I am allowing myself to be honest and say that this year hasn't been the way I imagined it would be. My body is thin, but not as strong. I can't wait to run more normally, I miss my old life in that way and I can't wait to return to normalcy. Until then, I sit here making lemonade with the lemons I have been given.

Q: how do you deal with the lemons you've been given?


Britt said...

That picture of you 2 in the tree is beautiful!!! I'm sorry you're struggling with your vocal chords! That sucks but those are things you want to keep around for a while so I guess you have to do whatever you can to take care of them!

Sarah said...

Thank you Britt! It does stink, but this too shall pass!