Thursday, October 9, 2014

Three Things Thursday

This fall has been so busy y'all I just can't take it! When will it slow down??  Please let it slow down.. Gosh!!!!

1) Last night, I went and saw a dear sweet friend of mine and her precious daughter, Montana. It has been such a blessing to partner and join families who are battling childhood cancer! It changes your entire outlook on life. It makes you APPRECIATE everything.
2) I registered for my social work exam! Get ready for no life! I will be studying forever. 

3) This month, I celebrate a year free from seizures.

All great things to share on this fall Thursday!

Q: What is going on with you?


Bari said...

Ooooh! Good luck on your exam! Nothing major going on with me, just trying not to stress about this little run in a week. ;)

Sarah said...

Bari, you will do great with your Marathon! You've been training and it will pay off :)