Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Wednesday!!

Happ Wednesday! I'm so thankful the week is moving by swiftly. I feel like I'm getting nothing accomplished at work, but what's new? 

Last night my husband and I got takeout from this sandwhich shop called Potbellies. We also had yummy soup too! It was delicious! We watch a Christmas movie. It was called " The Christmas Ornament" and it was a Hallmark Movie.
It was a super cute movie and I even got Drew to watch it!!! :)

I also read this book by Sadie Robertson called "Live Orginal." For a teenager, Sadie has some very sound wisdom and advice to offer the world. In Live Orginal she talks about how this world can be very negative and as people we chose our emotions, feelings, we can dictate our happiness. She also talks about how difficult the modeling industry is and how our society has made women to feel they have to be a certain size in order to be beautiful. She talks about the life of being a member of the dynasty clan and how it hasn't always been fame, but work. Everything isn't perfect and Sadie make that very clear in "Live Orginal." 

I love how authentic sadie is about her faith, social media, peer pressure, Friends and self-confidence. She is trendy and just sounds like a wonderful person that I would just love to meet. She's an inspiring teenager who really is remarkable. I enjoyed reading this book and the wisdom that Beautiful seventeen year-old has to offer. I highly recommend this book. Thank you Howard Press for allowing me to review this book. I was not compensated for a positive review.


Bari said...

I think Potbelly is what I miss the most since going paleo-ish and gluten free. Their bread is amazing and the hot peppers they put on the subs are to die for. Now I want it as my next cheat meal.

Sarah said...

Potbelly is so yummy!!! You should definitely have some on your cheat :)