Monday, September 22, 2014

Tuesday Homemade Toothpaste

Over the weekend, I decided to make some toothpaste out of my Young Living oils. I have heard awesome benefits of this product and thought about making my own.

First, you are going to need the following ingredients:

           Organic Coconut oil
          Baking Soda (Organic if Possible)

                      Thieves Oil
                   Peppermint Oil

So, first you need a cup of coconut oil and then you mix it with a cup of baking soda. You stir the two together in the bowl and mix well. It's a bit gritty. 

Then you add 3-5 drops of both 
  Thieves Oil & Peppermint Oil into the bowl
and mix well. 

Next you will need a glass jar to hold this tooth paste. You can't put it in plastic because of the type of oils. I decided to buy baby food jars and make us our own tooth paste. Both my husband and I each have our own jars. 

It's been making our teeth noticeably whiter and I don't have a problem with bad breath like I had with other brands, which I find very interesting. My medicine makes me have bad breath, so to not experience this has been good. 

Q: Would you make your own toothpaste and try this out to reduce putting chemicals in your body or the plastic that has been found in leading tooth paste brands???


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