Friday, September 19, 2014

Returning to Running

Man, I feel like I can't my posts squared away. This school year I'm totally slacking. It's been a rough start. Evals, lots of move in students, it's been crazy! Anyways, I went for a run on Wednesday and ran 3 miles! 

I was totally geeked about it. It was so slow, but whatever, it was a stinking run. Praise The Lord! It was 3 miles and it was beautiful weather. I was happy to be in the sun, in shorts and home early from school.

After my run, I came home, stretched and took a shower... Upon looking at the ceiling in our apartment, yes, we are renters paying off our student loans! (UGH!) I think they might overtake me at some point. 

I noticed the ceiling tile appeared to have a bubble. I figured I would check out the title afterwards. Thank goodness I did. 

                Look what I found....
                 And lots of it!! Mold!!! 

So, all of our ceiling tiles were removed and it's being further tested to find out what kind of mold. Houston, we have a problem!!!! 


Two Runners Travel said...

YAY for getting back to running! You look so happy in that pic! :)

Ugh, mold is so gross and scary. Hopefully it's just something simple to fix. -Christine

Sarah said...

It feels so great Christine!! Thanks for hanging in there with me!!

Britt said...

Ugggg- that's not cool! I wonder if it's been there a while and could be the cause of some of your health problems?

I'm running my first 5K in a week and a half! EEEK!