Thursday, September 25, 2014

3 things Thursday

Happy Thursday!
Three things today!! 

Big Brother:
Um, I can't believe Big Brother is finally over. It's the one reality show my husband got me addicted to this summer. It had quite a cast for sure and the finale was last night. I won't ruin any details if you haven't watched it yet.

I haven't done an official weigh in, so I thought I better get in the habit again. It holds me accountable and keeps me in check.
So, since the summer I have managed to lose 2 pounds. I'm not trying to lose weight, it just happens. I'm happy with this Weigh in! Yay!!😁

3. Sisters
This past weekend, we celebrated my sisters 19th Birthday. It's great having a sister and I'm so blessed by having her in my life. I'm just so thankful to have a sister. The thing I'm learning in life is to tell people how much they mean to you because you'll never know, until they aren't there.


Bari said...

I never got into Big Brother but I love Survivor and all the cooking reality shows.

You are kicking ass with the healthy weight! I can't even imagine what 133 is like anymore :(

It's great you and your sister are close.

Sarah said...

Bari, I'm trying not to lose weight anymore. It just keeps falling off.

Britt said...

Hey, you weigh less than me now for sure! Way to Go!!!!

Sarah said...

Britt, it just keeps coming off. I'm just not hungry these days I guess. Who knows?