Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Shrinking Jeans

It's official, yesterday I had to say goodbye to my favorite store- Dressbarn!

I was heartbroken!!

 I can no longer fit into their shirts. I'm too small and their pants are gappy in the butt! Ugh! I need new clothes for work because all summer I've been wearing tees and shorts, I went on a mission yesterday and found one pair of pants!
I actually bought skinny jeans by Old Navy and compared them to my old jeans.. Nuts! I need more clothes yet! Ugh!!

Goodbye old jeans! I currently fit in a size 6 comfortably, but am transitioning into a 4. I'm not looking to lose anymore weight and I'm not sure why my body keeps losing. I'm not doing anything different, but it's taken almost two months to move a pound, which shows my body is at it's ideal weight. 

After 8 months of weight loss, I'm content and happy. I'm glad to be slowly running again, building my mileage and training for a fall race. 

Q: Has your summer vacations put a damper on any if your goals? 

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