Monday, August 4, 2014

The Grand Old Opry

Happy Monday!!

I love the South and I just love to travel !

Thursday , we went and visited the famous Grand Ole Opry. This place was absolutely beautiful, with rich country music history and a story to tell.

The Grand Ole Opry House provides tours for adults that are $20, which allows you to go behind the scenes.  The tour allows you to visit the dressing rooms where the country music stars get ready. 

If you're a member of the Opry House like Carrie Underwood, you have a mailbox, where you receive mail.
         Wonder what number she is??
Carrie Underwood is the youngest member of the Grand Ole Opry and rightfully so, she can belt a song like no other.
We of course were able to see many of the dressing rooms, which I have on my real camera. Also, we were able to sit in the lobby area where many country music stars sit before heading out on stage. 

Standing on the stage was the best part!!

If you haven't visited the Grand Ole Opry House, I recommend the tour. It was awesome!

Next, we headed to the hotel, which is gorgeous on the inside. 
It has beautiful waterfalls, places to sit and enjoy coffee, eat, chat, read a book or enjoy the beautiful scenery. 
Next time we visit, we are totally staying at the hotel. Hands down this place is AMAZING!

Q: Have any of you visited the Grand Ole Opry or Hotel?


Bari said...

Never been there. Looks like you had a great time.

Sarah said...

Bari, so fun!! You should totally check it out :

Karen Seal said...

Love it! We stayed at the Opryland Hotel last year for a Relay for Life convention and I LOVED IT. I want to go back during Christmas so bad! Unfortunately, I didn't get to stay for Saturday night's Grand Ole that definitely means I need to go back! Love the behind the scenes tour y'all took. I'm definitely going to look into that one, too!