Tuesday, August 26, 2014

StarLite Shores Family Camp

My mind can't even begin to put into words what has happened in the past week. 

My husband and I had the opportunity to serve at Starlite Shores Family Camp which serves families with children who are facing cancer. We spend the entire we serving them, loving them and allowing them to just relax. They come to camp completely free of charge for an entire week.

They get to be a family, where cancer is not seen, but heard. Each family has a different story. Every family and child is accepted as they are and is encouraged right where they are.

I had the best week ever loving each and every moment. You can't put a price on serving people with needs that are so great, especially when their child is battling something so difficult! Not only is the child affected, but the entire family is affected too.

We served with some amazing people and I will miss them. These sweet friends live in Georgia! They are so stinking sweet. We met some great people.

This experience has wrecked me.
I'm a mess.
It's realigning my prioritorites.
It's reminding me at the end of my life, nothing I can buy is more important then human relationships.

Q: Where have you served that has wrecked you?


Two Runners Travel said...

What a lovely way week you spent helping others Sarah. Spending time with cancer patients would be very difficult but certainly put life priorities in order.

M Bradley said...

Thanks for volunteering. It was such a fun and relaxing week for our family. We loved every minute at Starlite Shores! My children have informed me that we MUST go back next year.

Sarah said...

Starlite Shores was amazing! We enjoyed every minute of it! We cannot wait to serve again next year. We are so blessed that your family was able to come :)