Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Star Lite Shores

Over the next week, my husband and I will be serving at a Camp called Starlite Shores Family Camp with children who are facing cancer. We are thrilled at the opportunity and thank all of your for your generosity in supporting our calling to make this happen.

Carmen & Kevin Diekevers - aka Mr. & Mrs. Starlite Shores

Carmen and Kevin Dekiever's  are the voice and vision behind Starlite Shores Camp. Our mission is to help each family feel relaxed, renewed and restored as they come to camp. We are so excited at this opportunity, to love people and serve families living through childhood cancer with the love of Christ, offering them an environment that allows them to be restored as a family. Since I will not be here and will not have access to internet, I have some posts lined up ready to go! I hope y'all have a great week! Can't wait to catch up with you Sunday!


Please be in prayers for each family that comes to Starlite Shores as many families have traveled and other families have had to cancel their plans for camp as their children are not well enough to come. Please keep these families who are coming in your prayers, daily, especially the siblings of these members as they are also very much affected by their brother or sister experiencing this disease. We appreciate all of you behind us this week!  

We know who goes before us and we know who stands behind us! We are ready to love on people and let God Shine!

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