Saturday, August 30, 2014

Happy Tuesday Day!

I can't believe summer is officially over! School started today... Dun ... Dun...dun..

 I am in  complete denial.
I love summer. Flipflops, skirts, the sand, warm weather, and shorts.

The stores are ready for fall. Sweaters are coming out, Halloween costumes are abound and realistically, I'm grieving the loss of summer. Sigh. All things must come to an end. I secretly was made to live in a warmer climate, this I know... Someday.. (Keep praying) 

The thing I look forward to the most about fall is pumpkin flavored things. Last year, the world went nuts with pumpkin goodness and I was immediately tired of it. So, this year I am going to be selective of my pumpkin choices in hopes of not burning out my taste buds. I love chocolate chip pumpkin muffins... YUMO! I have recently found gluten free cake mixes. .Smile face!

To kick off the school year I decided I needed to treat myself...

            This is a life saver!!!
The Hot Apple Cider is delicious and makes it feel like fall. Even though I'm not ready for fall, I'm loving the Apple Cider!

And finally, who couldn't drink this yummy Cider out of this cute cup? It's just so fun to drink out of! I love CHIP!

Q: How was your kids first day back to school??


Two Runners Travel said...

I'm actually looking forward to fall after a really hot summer. The running will be so much easier with cooler temperatures. Your cup is adorable and hot apple cider is always tasty!

Sarah said...

Thanks, I got in Disney!!! I'm excited for cooler temps, but I can't run.