Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Facebook Suspension

Let's be real, Facebook is a time waster and more importantly it's turning my stomach into knots at every twist and turn. It leaves me more broken at every post and it has become this thing that promotes "ME." Who really cares about me?

It kills brain cells.
It wastes time.
It's a comparison game.
People are addicted.
Can you say drama?
Family Drama?
It's making me a mean human.
I hate how I feel, after spending 20 minutes on it.
I'm not gaining purpose.
I'm losing life and it won't matter in 20 years how many statuses I read.
I'm tired of the "Me" promotion. 

I've suspended my account until further notice, it's killing me on the inside. Facebook is a comparison game that I'm tired of playing. It's telling me where I don't measure up and making me believe a lie. Until I can find the healthy space again, I'm on suspend. It's not worth it. I can live with out it. I have a twitter, an Instagram-(Sarahsmithstorm) and a blog. These are the things I okay with, where I can be in a healthy space, be myself and not worry who, what and how the rest of the world thinks of me... And when we get to the bottom of all of this, I'm tired of comparison. I'm tired that we judge each other and I'm frustrated that people can't just be people, but we have to be people who do great things or we must not be worthy people in some way and that notion is RIDICULOUS!

Q: Maybe you're okay or maybe you're fed up with the lies of Facebook, I challenge you for a week off and see how much happier you feel, how much life you gain and then where did you spend your time? Would you get rid of your facebook or are you too connected to it?


mindy @ just a one girl revolution. said...

Lately, I've been really using FB to seek out groups that are tracking with my personal goals, growing my business, etc. I am trying to really focus my time on that site for personal growth, encouragement, etc. It's really changed the way I use it for the better!

Sarah said...

That's an awesome way to use it!