Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We're leaving for Disney!!

Look at these two excited kids!!! Can't wait to spend our 4th Anniversary there!! 
Notice the gum, Disney doesn't sell it property so make sure to bring it with you!!!! 

Our bags are packed and I feel like we are bringing so much stuff, however we never have enough for our souvenirs.. 
We each have two checked bags+ 2carry on bags =8 pieces!!! Ahh

Does anyone else have this problem? I tend to buy big things rather than little things... Oh, well!! 

So, keep following our blog this week, I'll be updating regularly about our adventures or I hope too!! Also, I'll be posting my pictures on 


Come find me there and look at our adventures to experience our trip with us.  I have to approve your friendship firsts, so I don't get a buch of randoms and for safety issues, but I would for you to come along with us!

Have a great week y'all!

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Karen Seal said...

Cannot wait to see your pictures!!! HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!! :D