Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vacation Weight Loss Tips

Happy Monday! 

Last week I forgot to post my weigh in on Wednesday, so I thought I would post on keeping your weight loss goals intact while on vacation.

Most people gain a lot of weight on vacation and I was determined to enjoy myself, eat healthy and splurge! I was happy to see I only gained 1 pound while on vacation! I really thought the scale was broken.. I honestly thought maybe 3 pounds, but I ate different on vacation, I enjoyed myself, still had some sweets and used these tips .

I have several tips that I think will help you out, that have kept my weight down, while on vacation.

How to keep your weight loss goals on track:

1) Water is free. Hydration is key to keeping weight loss, otherwise the body will store water, so Drew and I would get water from time to time throughout the parks when we were thirsty.

2) Avoid the trap of salt. Disney guests eat 9 million pounds of French fries a year. Skip the fries and go for a salad or fruit. If I wanted French fries, I would have two or three of my husbands and that was enough for me. When on vaca, if you're trying to keep the pounds away, watch the salt!
French fries

3) Don't Drink your Calories
Are you a fan of dessert? I have a huge sweet tooth, so I'm willing to trade soda, and an alcoholic drink for a great dessert.  So often, we drink our calories and have desserts. Just swap them on vacation!

4 ) Bring Food with you
Even though we flew to Disney, I brought a bag of apples and fresh bananas in my carry on, so I knew I always had a fresh fruit options. If you're going somewhere where you're not sure about your food options, bring your own. 

5) Avoid the temptation to snack and eat after 8 pm.
Even on vacation if you're trying to keep the weight off, you still have to keep this time limit in mind, so your body can digest all the food. If your vacation is super active, you may require more calories, but I tried to avoid eating late.

6) Watch the carbs
Honestly, you don't know how many calories are in the pasta, sandwiches, ect you're eating. I really was careful about my carb intake because at home, I eat carbs, but more whole grains or gluten free options. Slowly, Disney, other theme parks, waterpark hotels are jumping on the bandwagon of gluten free bread/carb options. Lots of hidden calories in these carbs.

7) Schedule activity into your vacation
Where ever you travel, schedule some activity into your vacation and get your heart pumping, it will help you feel better about all the extra calories you might be consuming, plus keep the weight down.

8) Make sure you relax! Put down the electronics! Spend time with your loved ones. Being on vacation helps reduce stress, that's why you're there!

Q: What are your tips for keeping your health and weight loss goals on track during and after vacation?


Bari said...

Way to keep it under control on vacation! Rockstar!

Sarah said...

Thanks! I was nervous, but I know this week I probably put on a few, so my weigh in won't be super good.. Ugh ,.