Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Sign Painter Book Review

On our way down to Nashville, Kelsey and I read The Sign Painter. 
If you want to read a book about a mom and a daughter who can survive anything, this book is a must!

Amy Dowell is a great mother to her daughter, Kimmie. She has been willing to do anything and everything to provide for her, despite circumstances that have led them to a life living on the road. Amy's husband passed away of cancer, so she is faced with taking care of Kimmie. She arrived in Florida in time for a job to make graphics for a window at a car dealership. One evening late at night, Amy sees a car salesman leave a large stack of cash. She decides she must do something to protect her job and the future life for her daughter. 

This decision leads to cops, a mystery, federal agents getting involved and a whole lot more than Amy bargained for. If you're looking for a page turner, mystery and heartwarming novel with twists and turns, look no more! You'll love this one!!!

Thank you Howard Press for providing me this book, it was great for our road trip. It provided plenty of mystery, laughs and a heart warming tale. 

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