Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Top 8 Bucket lists of races

I have been dreaming about my bucketlist of races for quite sometime now, some our a little out there, MAYBE one race in particular, that's why it's on my bucketlist. These are my top 8!. A girl can dream right? 

Goofy challenge at Disney World. This is a must on my bucketlist! I want to conquer this bad boy and having lost 25pounds, I feel as though I can do that now more efficiently. 

When I was training for my first marathon, one of the guys I worked with said you gotta travel and go somewhere cool for your first marathon. He sure was right. His first was the Honolulu marathon  and I think it would be amazing! He LOVED it.

Another one of my friends did the Nike Full Marathon to earn her Tiffany Bling. She said it was a hilly course, beautiful, but hilly. I hate hills, but I love beautiful, I wouldn't mind seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and some bling wouldn't be bad..

Why not run the Cincinnati Flying Pig? The medals are faboulous! It's pig heaven, sounds like fun to me. I think I would run the half on this one. The idea of flying pigs and the first weekend in May, which is typically my birthday weekend, well, this could be a lot of fun and that makes me giggle.

I would love to run this half marathon in Nashville. I heard it's a great course, the money benefits St. Jude's an organization my husband and I firmly believe in supporting and what an awesome place to run. Who doesn't love music? 

Do you run for chocolate? I think the Hershey Half in PA would be pretty sweet! Chocolate, need I say more?

Tinker belle! Who wouldn't want a pair of those wings? Or the chance to run through the parks of California again? Having already earned my C2C, I would love to earn these wings!

Most people dream of Boston and don't get me wrong, I dream of it, but I dream of BadWater and my head thinks it's CRAZY. Ultra running, then running 135 miles in the desert to be left for possible death essentially is nuts to dream about. Somewhere in my head I think a screw is loose, but I dream of ultra running someday and BadWater is my ultimate bucketlist. Crazy? Yep! I'm fully aware of how insane that is.

Q: What races are on your bucketlist?


Two Runners Travel said...

I also want to run Honolulu, Tinkerbell and of course all the world majors: Chicago, Boston (2014), NYC, Berlin, Tokeyo, London (2016)Big dreams right!

Sarah said...

London sounds great!!! Dream big for sure, that's why they are bucket list races! Ya never know when they will come true.

Two Runners Travel said...

I always love these lists! Paris marathon and London marathon are on my list. :) -C