Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Magic Bands and Fast Pass+

One more day and it's Friday!! Can you believe it?? 
So if you haven't been to Disney recently, you now get this nifty things called Magic Bands. These bands replace your "Key to the World" card for those of you who have been to Disney. 

- They are your park tickets
-Room Key
-Used for your Disney Dining Plan Credits
- You can use this as a credit card and charge anything straight to your credit card on file with a 4 digit pin code.
- It's also used for Magical Express 
- It's also used for Photo Pass and they will put the photos straight to your band.

More importantly, it's used for Fast Passes, the best way to meet Characters, find perfect viewing of fireworks / parades, go on rides and skip lines!

Each family member gets to pick their own unique color, don't worry if you forget yours at home, the resort will give you grey ones. 

So let's talk about Fast Pass+
People in the parks assumed you have to pay money for this, NOT TRUE! This is a free service included with your Magic Bands!

- 90 Days Before your trip you can start booking dining reservations, character meet and greets or attractions. 
- You are allowed 3 FP+ a day and can book additional a after they have been used.

For Rides: 
-When you arrive during your scheduled FastPass+ arrival time, all you need to do is proceed to the FASTPASS queue entrance and touch your MagicBand Mickey to the Mickey head, it will light green and you are good to go and get in line. Go Ahead, skip the line!

+ I recommend making 2 FP+ for Seven Dwarf Mines Train. The ride is so fun. We did it once at night, which in my opinion is better and once during the day. 

+ I recommend making a FP+ if you want to meet Anna and Elsa, which we did. It's a four hour wait, we waited less then 10 mins. 

+ If you don't wait trying to get that perfect spot for the parade, fireworks, book a FP+. Trust me , you'll enjoy more time on rides, less time fussing with people!

+ You can make 3 selections a day, when they are used up, you can return to a kiosk in the park and make another selection for a Fast Pass+.

Super Important: 
If you don't read anything else, read this!!!  At the 60 day mark before your vacation, you can make your FP+ selection, we did this at MIDNIGHT to ensure we would get Elsa and Anna & The Seven Dwarf Mine Train. It sounds crazy, but people are booking 60 days in advance just like you for the same month, especially for all my RUNDISNEY friends!!  

*** You need to stay on Disney property for one of these Magic Bands, at least at this time.***

We loved the Magic Bands and new FP+ system. It was a more hands free, hassle free vacation!

What do you love about vacations? Have you used the FP+ system? Magic Bands? Any tips??


Bari said...

I love this new system. Your tips are awesome. I had no clue you could pre-book fast passes.

Karen Seal said...

Love the new system!! It worked so well for us on our last trip. BTW, we had the same color bands (blue and pink)! :D

So, if I use all three pre-scheduled fp+ options during the day, I can return to a kiosk and make more once those three are used up? I don't think I realized that...

Sarah said...

Totally can Bari! It rocks!!

Sarah said...

At first you were not allowed any more fast passes for the day once they were used up, now you can go to a Kiosk and make another selection. Only one more pass for the day.. However, this could change as the FP+ continues to change. Maybe in the future they will allow you to make more then the one additional selection. Cool hey?