Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back to Reality

Wow, can you believe we are in the middle of July already? I'm not ready for summer to be over! I'm not ready for vacation to come to an end and deal with the reality of life. As I said yesterday, before our vacation, we got some startling and interesting news, which again has left me with the question "why me?"  Although I'm not ready to discuss it publicly on my blog, I appreciate your prayers and thoughts as we transition into a different journey. 

 I will share in the coming days. For now, I'd like to share about our Disney vacation and give you a review about the Mickeys Ice Cream Kitchen Sink!!!

You may have heard or seen on the park blogs all about this cute little sink filled with ice cream and your toppings of choice!
You may even wonder can this even be done? Can you eat all this ice cream deliciousness? You totally can!

Here's the deal for $17.99  You get this cute sink and loads of Ice cream!!

You get to pick two of your favorite flavors of icecream and drizzle your favorite toppings, whip cream and some cherries on top! 

You can find it at the Magic Kingdoms Plaza Ice Cream Parlour by Edys on Main Street USA. 

Would you eat this much ice cream??


Two Runners Travel said...

I am a huge ice cream fan, but I actually like my ice cream pretty plain so I probably would not order the Mickey kitchen sink! Looks like a fun treat though!

Bari said...

I triple puffy heart ice cream but I'm not sure even I could eat that much without my stomach exploding! Your pictures were so cute though :)

Sarah said...

It was a lot of ice cream! If my husband hadn't bought it, I would have probably said "no way!"

Sarah said...

It was a lot of ice cream, good thing my husband ate a lot of it.. I felt sick afterwards!!!