Monday, June 30, 2014

Runners Be Aware- Your Safety

Yesterday, headlines broke out about a woman in a different county who had been shot and killed while on a run! At this time they do not have a suspect, but authorities believe it was someone who knew her and possibly knew her running habits/ route. This evening, we're going to talk about safety, especially since many of my blogger friends are women.

Wear bright, reflective outer layers. Wearing bright, reflective clothing is the one of the best things  you can do, because then cars, bikes,and other runners can actually see you, especially if you're running in a wooded area. If you're wearing bright clothing, you're likely to be seen, which will keep you SAFE!

Bring identification and a cellphone. Both of these items will help if you find yourself in an emergency, lost or injured. I always try to let someone know where I'm going. Additionally, Iphone can be set up with a tracking, so your spouse can track your location if that feature is turned on.

Mace You can buy a keychain of mace and stick it in your pocket or clip it on to a hair tie on your wrist. The small mace costs $10, but can potentially save your life.

Running with a Partner: Running with a partner is always a great way to get a run done, especially a long run. It also is a great way to keep you safe. Run in numbers!

Run against traffic. Stick to sidewalks in well-lit areas when possible. If you must run on the road, which I do, make sure you  face oncoming traffic so you can clearly see the cars. I know many people don't follow this thought process, but say to run with traffic, but I would rather see traffic coming at me.

What are your running safety tips?


Two Runners Travel said...

We did a post about running safety a couple months ago. I think varying your route, and not going at the same time every day is key.

Sarah said...

It's so scary to me to think this woman was shot and killed for no motive... Makes me angry..