Sunday, June 8, 2014

Never Go Back- 10 Things You'll Never do again (Book Review)

My Review:

Dr. Henry Cloud is probably best known for his famous book titled "Boundaries." If you haven't read that book, I highly recommend it! It's a game changer!  In Never Go Back- 10 Thing You'll never do again, Dr. Henry Cloud addresses that we all make mistakes whether big or small. Sometimes these mistakes can take us down different paths and send us into destructive life cycles and sometimes they can teach us some of the most valuable lessons. The question is, do we want to make the same mistake or make new choices? If we make new choices are we going to follow through and carry on forward? Dr. Henry Cloud shares 10 ways to success and once we walk through these success, we will never go back to the person we used to be. His methods are based grace, love, not guilt and shame. I love that this book outlines the 10 steps in such a way that is clear, concrete and doable. I never felt intimidated as I read this book and I really feel like there are some areas in my life where this book will help me over come some struggles I have been facing in a real way. It's not sugar coated, but its' not in my face making me feel guilty for the mistakes I've made either.

I also loved that this book can applied to all areas of your life whether you work environment, relationships, faith or your own personal growth. This book is for anyone looking to seek growth in areas of their life. The book has several chapters and touches on some of the following : 

Never again return to what hasn't worked.
Never again be something you're not.
Never again try to change another person.
Never again believe you can please everyone.
Never again choose short-term comfort over long-term benefit.
Never again trust someone or something flawless.
Never again take your eyes off the big picture. 

I think this book will really enhance your life if you put these things in to practice. I really enjoyed many of the chapters. You don't have to read this book cover to cover. You can read it as a devotional, reading a chapter a night, which is the way I read it! I really enjoyed this book and think you will do too. It will enhance your life. 

I received a free copy of this book from Howard Book, for my honest review. I was not compensated for a positive review, except for a book to read. 

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