Monday, June 9, 2014

Grandmas are Forever

Grandmas are so special! I'm so lucky to have married in to a family with a very special grandma!

My Grandma Storm is a very special lady. She's a one a million that's for sure. She is the sweetest thing you'll ever meet and she'll never say an unkind word... 

At this time, Hospice is now taking over and will be taking care of her in her home. It's a matter of time before she will be in Heaven, dancing with the angels and seeing her family.  I will miss her dearly, she has been one I have always been able to go to for advice. Sometimes life gets rough and you just need a GRANDMA!  She has always given me the best advice, with a lending ear or allowed me to borrow an extra tissue when needed. She also has a lending library of books where we swap books constantly! I will miss talking to her about the latest books I've been reading or hearing about the ones she's been digging into. She's always keeping me on my toes and I think she's read more than I have.


Her and Grandpa have been married for over fifty years now! They are absolutely adorable together and such an inspiration for what marriage should look like. They aren't perfect, but they love each other, work it out and always do their best to laugh. They always joke with one another and are each other's best friend.

Although her fleshly body is still here, I know she will not be here for long, so I have prepared in my mind that she her beautiful smile, kind eyes and generous spirit will go before onward to Heaven. I know that in whatever time she has left on earth, I will remember her for the wonderful person she is and how BIG her heart is.

Grandma, may you feel free from pain as you fight your earthly body and move towards your heavenly home. You are loved unconditionally and we know you're tired of fighting the sickness that entraps your body, please know you are free to go. His arms are open and waiting for you! 
I love you, your granddaughter,

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