Saturday, June 28, 2014

Adventures Under the Mango Tree

Lillian Kleep writes "Adventures Under the Mango Tree as a journal of personal stories of their family and the many people/ orphans they help along their journey in Sudan. Plagued by a war, cancer, malaria, poverty, poor schooling and many other dilemma's this family faced, they were always on their knees praying. Their faith was evident and tremendous.

This book is filled with love, generosity and many stories of the calling one has to be a missionary overseas. The pages are filled with victories and battles as the Klepp family trusts God in all situations, especially when they are faced with medical needs are required to go back to the United States for treatment. It shows the power of prayer and how despite in the middle of uncertainty, we can trust in him for all THINGS.

I loved how Lillian just took on this new adventure, with an open heart and was flexible even when many situations seemed dimmed. Or when in danger and seemed like their wasn't a way out, God showed up and kept her safe. 

The book has plenty of pictures that are beautiful and will just allow you to realize that this isn't just a journal about the Klepp family or Sudan, but that their are real orphans and people live this way. This book is encouraging, a quick read that is broken up into 21 short chapters. This would be an awesome devotional to read with your tweens or teens. You could even read this nightly for 21 days. 
This book was provided to me by the B&B Media Group for my honest oponion. I was not compensated for a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own thoughts.

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