Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weight loss, sizes and what I've learned

Happy Thursday!

Boom! 137.2

It comes on a lot quicker than it comes off. I'm being a very consciousness eater and I'm drinking tons of water. However, I'm slowly building my muscle back up, so I expect my weight to increase. Weight loss never happens over night. Don't compare yourself to where someone else might be at was the best advice someone gave me!

Clothing Sizes: 
I have never before experienced shopping the way I have as of recently. Currently, I'm fitting in a size 6 pants, but they are getting too big and I'm going into a 4! I haven't seen a size 5 since I was in middle school! I could stay right here and be completely happy, but my BMI continues to read over- weight. 
First XS skirt! SCREAMS!!!!!  I'm fitting into small shirts! Dresses are now size 6 & 8, depending on the dress. I just had to go buy new dresses for my sisters graduation! Honestly, sizes are sizes though-- remember, YOU'RE the only one who sees the tag.

What I've Learned:
Weight is a number on a scale. Clothes whether it be a size small or a size large, both sizes are equally frustrating to find. I used to be able to find a ton of clothes, but now as a smaller person, I'm having a difficult time finding clothes that fit my body. 

I've also learned, I feel healthy now and I'm not looking to drop more weight. I'm afraid I'm going to get "too skinny." I also can tell the weight loss has helped with my running and I hope it helps my pace because I don't have so much to carry. At this point, I'm happy because I feel HEALTHY! Health is important to me. Numbers on a scale don't matter, unless they reflect health. I was already BEAUTIFUL!

Q: When do you feel healthy?



Awesome job!!!! Your right it comes off so much slower than it goes on! Did you say you ran in a disney race? I need to go back and look at your blog and refresh my memory. I am running in the wine and dine in Novemeber so w ould love to hear everything you know!

Sarah said...

I've done two Disney races! The full marathon and the Dumbo at Disneyland!!! You will love RunDisney races!! They are awesome !!