Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wedding Ring Drama

After 4 years of being married, I don't expect drama with my wedding ring, but I guess it's a lot to ask for. Since I've lost a lot of weight, my ring no longer fits.
So, I went to the jewelry store where I purchased it, they didn't have a temporary plastic to put on it, directed me to a store in the mall where I could purchase one for the time being.

Me being a penny pincher thought--- maybe Helzburger where I have my pearl ring from will just go there and see if they have one. So, the guy says sure we can adjust your ring to fit your finger. Takes it to a back room and comes out with a medal adjustable holder on the inside of my ring. 
UM, not WHAT I wanted..... So, I asked him to take it off..

Took a chunk of the white gold out by doing that!

Seriously? I was in tears, but I didn't realize it had happened until I was at home. As soon as I did, I got on the phone with a manager and ripped them a good one. They said they would fix it, but my ring would be gone for three weeks.


So, I called Fred Meyer where my husband bought my ring from, the manger said to bring my ring in and they would fix the white Gold for FREE!!! 
Way to go Fred Meyer! Talk about customer service. It just ticks me off! So, they fixed the white gold, but didn't resize my ring, which would need to be a 4.5... Yikes!!!

Should I resize it or wear the plastic thing I have from Claires? What if I get fat again  and then have to get it resized again? Ugh! Tell me I'm not the only one with Wedding ring issues??

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