Monday, May 12, 2014

Husband's Second 10k!

Saturday was the annual Riverbank run! Its the largest 25k in the nation and it's here in Grand Rapids! I usually run this bad boy, but not this year. Sigh. They also have a 5k and a 10k race. Originally, I was training for the 25k, but this winter was brutal! I just couldn't put the mileage in safely and then I decided to go barefoot and now, I'm just slowly putting mileage in.. Injuries suck! Healing sucks! And learning new form, SUCKS! Oh, well.

However this year I got to be a spectator to my husband and that was kinda fun! I even saw a few other bloggers-a.k.a friends and other runners out there too! It was great to be able to cheer them on, especially where I was at. I was on the corner right before the finish line! Talk about LOCATION! Want to start to see people well up in tears knowing they are so close, well, that's the place to be! 

My husband was NOT super happy with his splits and that was due to a 5MINUTE bathroom stop! Yes, he had to wait 5 whole minutes at one line in the port-potty.. C'mon people!! I couldn't believe it when I was looking for him.... I knew he wasn't this slow... I thought maybe something had gone wrong.. I kept looking for him and watching the time knowing when I should expect to see him... Finally, I did see him and felt a sense of relief... wondering what did happen... You never know what can happen on a race course... 

At least when he got close to me, he was all smiles and that made me happy! Sometimes it doesn't matter if you have a crappy race or an awesome PR, it matters that you did it and who's there with you!! In the end, the weather turned out to be great, the races were fun and well, it's another race in the books! I had a great time cheering people on! 

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