Thursday, May 1, 2014

Heart Wide Open

Are you like me wondering where will I find this extra time to spend time with God? I know spending time with him is important, but I can't seem to always get it in. Isn't that crazy? I shouldn't have to schedule God into my planner or into my life.

The truth of the matter, we are too busy. We are over worked, over stressed and instead of enjoying our time with God, we're checking it off our to do list. Having read Heart Wide Open by Shellie Tomlinson made be realize I can live every moment with him. I can have him be apart of every moment. I don't need to schedule him, I just need to live with my heart wide open ready to invite him in.  She makes excellent points when she says our pursuit of him trumps our performance, which is so true. We need to pursue him and live for the applause of him and not of the world. 

Finally, I love when she says God doesn't want to be spectators of our lives, but wants to join us and I think that is so true. He doesn't want to be on the back burner, he wants to be right next to us. I would recommend this book if you're looking for a paradigm shift in your faith. 

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