Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day to thee Best!

To the one and only who has taught me to love others first, to extend grace always, to show kindness and compassion in a smile to a stranger, to place value on people rather than things, the person who started my love for the mouse house, the one who has always been at the finish line waiting for me to cross over at each race, the one who took me to the salon when I cried after screwing up my eyebrows terribly thinking they were beyond repair, and the person who guided my faith and then allowed me to figure my own path-  MOM, I wouldn't be half the human without you! You're truly a woman of grace and beauty that never ages! Happy Mother's Day to a one of a kind, that I am so blessed to call MOM!

Did you know mom spelled upside down is WOW? That describes how awesome moms are! They are wow factors!

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