Tuesday, May 27, 2014

3 miles for a cause

Happy Tuesday! 

I hope you had a good weekend and were able to spend time with your loved ones. I also hope you were able to relax and celebrate Memorial Day remembering those who have sacrificed their freedom for our freedom.

Saturday and yesterday I was able to finally get out and run 3 miles! It felt like a huge accomplishment.  
Mile 1:
Yesterday, I dedicated each mile to someone different. My first mile was dedicated to #teamcambri, a 3 year old who is fighting cancer. Cambri is a sweetie pie. I spent my first mile thinking of her and her family, praying for their strength and for them to have an amazing summer.

             Isn't she precious??? 
Mile 2:
I was praying for #teamstorm. 
Two of Drews family members have been diagnosed with cancer and his dad has had heart surgery twice this year. My second mile was dedicated to them and sending good prayers, thoughts and that the next six months would show #teamstorm STRONG.

Mile 3:
My final mile and my fastest mile was for those who fought for our country, those who continue to fight and those who are battling the trauma after serving our country; PTSD, TBI's and physical injuries.

It was cool to run each mile with a different person in mind. It helped me stay focused, mindful and so thankful to be able to run 3 miles for each of these causes/ people. I'm glad to be recovering from injuries. The time flew and my time was faster than Saturdays 3 mile run. 

Q: Do you dedicate your miles to people or causes? 


Bari said...

Maybe I should start doing this

Sarah said...

It gave me a great mental boost!