Thursday, April 10, 2014

Weight Loss, Knee & Feet Pain- Runner Issues

Honestly, I didn't expect a huge weight loss this week, especially after eating yesterday's lunch.

It sure was tasty and worth every single calorie.

However I was glad to see the number on the scale this morning wasn't that significant and showed that I continue to maintain my weight loss.
It has been one of the most hardest things to put my numbers on my blog. By posting my numbers each week, it is held me accountable to keeping me on track, but not letting the weight-loss go to my head. It has been utterly scary at moments to put myself out there in a public format, but I believe it has made the difference.

Yes other factors have contributed to my weight-loss, but I've also had to make choices and choose to live a healthier lifestyle by choosing to eat healthier foods.  Every day I'm not perfect nor do I intend to be.

Since the weather has been so terrible here, I have been working to help get rid of my planter fasciitis and my knee problems. All of these problems have been a direct result of running. 

Yes I have been rolling my feet on golf balls, using a frozen pop bottles, stretching, using frozen ice bags, pea bags and I am just plain tired of this crap.

As a result my knees also continue to hurt. I know it's directly related to my plantar fasciitis. Try putting on an ice bag over your knee and having it not stay for more than five seconds, it's quite frustrating!!! 

At this point, I'm looking for something that will reduce inflammation on my feet and knees that will actually stay and not fall off. Furthermore, I just want to RUN without pain. It's causing shin splints because my calf muscles are tight. I foam roll, I tape, but maybe I need something different???

 As soon as it gets warm, I'm going to start swimming, which I know will really help too.

Q: I'm tired of fighting these injuries, what do you recommend? 

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