Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sing For Me Review

I had several posts ready to go last week, but was having issues with my blog, so hopefully this week I can catch you up on everything! 

I recently had the opportunity to read Sing to Me by Karen Screck. Sing for Me is set in Chicago in 1937. Lately I have started to enjoy Historical Christian Fiction, so I thought this might be a book I would enjoy.

 Rose Sorensen loves music, so when she has the opportunity to to visit a jazz club, she is thrilled with the idea and cannot believe the music she has been missing out on. Her parents already have a husband arranged for Rose, but when she can't take off her eyes off Theo Chastain, the pianist, the reader starts to learn about Cerebral Palsy as Rose is offered a job. Sophy, Roses sister has Cerebral Palsy and needed the income to care for her.

As I read this book, I thought the book was really interesting and brought to light a very interesting topic about marriage, CP, singing and the most important- faith
As the story continues to develop, we see a relationship form between Rose and Theo. This book discusses and shows the struggles between interracial dating relationships during that era.  It shows the struggles of having faith and having a serious illness. Throughout all of these things, it shows the faith of these characters whether in times of strength or in times of doubt.

If you like Christian Historical fiction, you will like this book. 

I received a free copy of this book from Howard books, for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own. 

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