Wednesday, April 16, 2014

National Stress Relief Day

Did you know it's National Reduce Stress Day? I heard it on the radio today and it got me thinking that we live this crazy life in a maze. We are constantly going from one thing to the next. The guy on the radio was asking listeners for their best advice on how to ward off stress in their lives. He asked people what are your top 5 ways to ward off stress?

Here are my top 5 ways to ward off Stress

1) Pray:
Having faith that things will work out is huge in my life. My spiritual faith is a huge part of who I am and without it, I don't think I could function somedays.

2) Sleep:
 If I don't have 8 + hours of sleep, I can be grouchy, irritable, non focused, frustrated and just more stressed easily.

I'm always reading something and that helps my brain focus on something else. I need to think about other things. I need my mind to take a vacation. Are you with me? If you can't take a physical vacation, why not take a mental vacation?

4) Exercise:
Exercise is very helpful to reduce stress. A good sweat helps me feel so much better about life. I love getting my heart rate going and that helps me feel better about life. Don't you feel so much better after you've had a long walk or run?? Oh, I just love the feeling!  

5) Talking with a Friend:
Sometimes you just need to have a good conversation with a friend. Are you with me? Sometimes you just need a good chat or a good cry? Come on, I know you've all been there! We all just need to let out some steam or just tell our frustration. Everyone needs a friend to talk about what is going on in their lives. Sometimes I just need to call my friends and tell them whats going on and then I feel so much better.

How do you handle your stress?

Speaking of National Stress Awareness/ Relief Day, I have been reading this book called Twirl by Patsy Clairmont and it has to do with this very topic.

How are you insides? Are they quieter or have they grown louder? Is it hurry up, rush.. rush.. rush.. and is move faster part of your vocabulary? Are you tired of moving so fast and forgetting what is next? Are you growing weary of this fast pace life style and are left more bitter, angry, depressed and sad? Patsy writes "Twirl" in hopes of encouraging readers to know there is hope beyond this fast pace lifestyle. 

YOU can LIVE differently!

My Take:
First, I love how this book is broken up into small sections and you can take this book at a chunk at a time. I never felt overwhelmed by the information, but instead felt like I could read each chapter and apply it to my life. Second, you could easily read this book as a daily devotional and that could be really nice, especially if you're a busy and trying to figure out how to fit everything into your schedule. I loved that this was put into small enough chunks where I could read this as a devotional in the morning. If you haven't read any of Patsy's books before, you're missing out on her humor too! She is very funny and I really enjoy that in this book too. Additionally, I just love how she brings the reader to finding joy in the small things and to enjoy each moment. I enjoyed this book and I think you will too! Give it a try!

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