Saturday, April 26, 2014

Crash the Chatterbox

Do you have a constant to do list running through your mind? Maybe your brain never actually shuts off. I always referred to my brain as a chatterbox because I could never shut it off.

When I saw this book called Crash Your Chatterbox written by Stephen Furtick, I knew I needed to read it! I have the problem of never shutting off my brain and never being at complete rest. Maybe you struggle with this too.. I think that is why I am a runner. It helps mentally, physically and emotionally exhaust the snot out of me.

When I began to read this book, Steven challenged me to crash the chatterbox. You see in our world, the loudest voice always win the battle! 
We are constantly and continually bombarded with louder lies, doubts, comparisons and mind games. We continually believe we are not smart enough, good enough, faithful enough , fast enough, joyful enough, giving enough and the list could go on and on. 

Furticks point is that every thought that enters our mind needs to be obedient to Christ. Every doubt, every lie needs to be counteracted with the promises about who God says we are and that may take years before we believe it, but we need to hold our thoughts in check. 

The problem is:
If you keep listening to someone else, it will determine your future. You have to crash the chatterbox! Immediately! Not tomorrow. Not three months from now, but today! This very moment.  The moment you hear a lie pop into your head, you need to crash it! 

Do you want to run Boston? Go for it! 
Do you want to lose 100 lbs? Do it!
Do you want to be a size 8? Stop drinking!
Do you want to take a vacation? Stop eating out and starting saving.
Do you want to write a book? Then start writing.

The truth of the matter is, your future is in his hands. You can do anything, but you must take every thought captive and be obedient to Christ. We can do all things through him, but we must get rid of the lies that keep us trapped from his calling and purpose for all our lives

If your struggling, know that God isn't done with you yet, friend. This is just the beginning of your story. This is the beginning story of his purpose for your life. This book helps you see that if you have a barrier in
your life, you can crash the chatterbox, overcome the barrier and God will use it for his purpose.

This book was excellent and was exactly what I needed to read for this particular time period in my life.

Thank you Multnomah for allowing me to review this book. I was not compensated for a positive review, but I did love this book!



Great post and I agree with the running. I am not a fast runner nor will I ever be or want to be. I do however love the escape it gives me and even my time to pray, think, and be with God in that time! That's why I do not like running with groups because its my time! Great post.

Sarah said...

You would love this book! I recommend getting a copy ;)

Andrew Storm said...

I just started reading this book and it's awesome so far. Pastor Furtick is a great, compelling, thought-provoking writer and preacher. Little known fact: much of my marathon training was spent running listening to sermons of Pastor Furtick's from Elevation Church.