Friday, April 11, 2014

Closet Purge

Last night I did a closet purge. Seriously, my clothes were mocking me because EVERY TIME I put something on, it was ridiculously big and then I ended up frustrated before work.
The more I thought about this, I really should have taken video. I purged at least 60+ items because that is how many hangers we have as a result, but I purged from my drawers too. It's quite amazing,actually.

It felt like never ending piles of clothing for sure. I did not think it would ever end. 
Slowly, I began to fill this large tub with clothes. I'm not quite ready to give them away yet. I know the rule with weight loss, once you drop the weight, you should get rid of your clothes. 

However, I'm breaking the rule! I filled this thing full with clothes, it was so heavy my husband had a hard time lifting it. I'm keeping these clothes until I'm sure that another 10 pounds is gone and I'm comfortable in Smalls. Right now I'm in both smalls and mediums. It needs to be one or the other. 

Last night I was excited when I found this gem and pulled it out! A lot of good years happened while at SAU!!! 
I even tried to spice the shirt up with a scarf, but that wasn't going anywhere!
This is my selection of clothes and I could honestly purge about 10 shirts from this pile, but I needed something to wear and these items were the best fitting.

Yesterday I went shopping and returned with one shirt from the mall! Today I'm going out to the thrift stores to see what I can find. Who knows? That's a pathetic closet!

Q: Where is your favorite place to shop?? 

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