Thursday, April 24, 2014


Happy Thursday! It's dark and looking like we are going to get blasted with rain here!

Here is my weigh in!

140.6! BAM!!!

So I'm trying barefoot running and so far it's been painful. Painful on my feet. You can break in shoes, but you can't break in new feet. Let's be real!!

The pavement was totally different than what I'm used too and the recovery time is way different. 

I've been getting some flack on Facebook about it from my relatives because they cannot grasp the concept of this kind of running, but honestly I want better form.

I'm run heel to toe instead of landing on the ball of your feet, like you're supposed to do. This running style is so slow and it will probably drive me crazy, but I'm not training for anything and long term, I will progress into minamilst shoes. I just need to slowly retrain everything, that's time consuming and requires a lot of patience on my end. However, this will benefit my body, reduce injury and maybe cure PF! I've heard that when everything else fails, people go to this style if running!! 

Q: What in your running career or in life has caused you a great deal of patience for a long term benefit?



Great job on weight loss! I can not run barefoot, hurts to bad! Im not sure how people do it.

Bari said...

Yeah for the weight loss and for the courage to try barefoot running. I'm losing patience every day with my scale and running. Then my podiatrist tells me yesterday he'd rather I heel strike because I pronate more when I midfoot strike. I don't know what to think anymore.

Sarah said...

Oh, Erica! It's painful, that's why you work your way up slowly!! I don't mind it, at least not yet..

Sarah said...

Don't give up on the weight loss Bari! Seriously! Last year, I kept yo-yoing on weight loss. It was so incredibly frustrating. I remember you were dropping pounds like crazy and I was like what the heck? Keep at it girl one day at a time. Honestly, try not to think about it as much. The more obsessed I got, the harder I became on myself, the more I ate. Take each day and each meal, one at a time. You will lose it. Seriously about the heel striking???