Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A few things I'm just excited about...

1) Yesterday the weather finally hit 60 degrees! It was beautiful! I couldn't be more happier!!

2) I needed to read this today,. Somedays you just need this, ya know!!

3) The Tigers WON yesterday!! I was so excited!!! Yesterday was opening day.
4) Two days till Spring Break, I can't wait! I might not make it!!!

These are just my random thoughts for today!
Happy Tuesday !! Any random thoughts or things you're excited about??


Bari said...

I'm happy for vacation coming up but I'm procrastinating like it's my JOB about packing.

I'm ticked that yesterday wasn't a run day for me. Hopefully tomorrow will be nice for a little run before break.

Sarah said...

Where are you going?

Two Runners Travel said...

So glad springtime is coming to your neck of the woods! Enjoy your little vacation too!