Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weigh in Thursday

This morning I weighed in and I couldn't believe what I weighed! I was shocked! 
I can't believe how much I continue to drop. It's a beautiful thing! Let's keep this progress! Remember your beauty is not defined by your weight. I am not obsessed about my weight, but I can't believe how much I continue to drop.
This morning we woke up to more snow and let me be real, I'm tired of this snow!!! I can't wait for SUMMER!!
We have some awesome things happening this summer. I can't wait to share these things. 

Drew and I will be working this weekend on some stuff before we can tell you some BIG things!!

My father in law had heart surgery on Tuesday. He had a valve replacement.
His heart surgery went well, and the valve replacement went great. He was able to do it robotically, which was less invasive. I'm super excited for him and hope this will help him feel better. If you could keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers, I appreciate it!

How's your Thursday going?



Two Runners Travel said...

Congrats on your continued weight loss Sarah. You are doing so well. Glad to hear your FIL had a successful surgery, and yes, we are all so tired of winter!

Bari said...

You are rocking the weight loss! Any tips?

Sarah said...

Seriously, I need the snow to
end !!! I'm gonna go crazy !

Sarah said...

Honestly, I stay away from sugar, I don't drink alcohol, I'm going to bed regularly and trying to eat larger lunches and smaller dinners, nothing past 7pm. Lots of water. Cutting sugar and salt had been huge..