Monday, March 17, 2014

Scrapping Dumbo

This weekend I really just wanted to get outside and run, but I'm smart enough to know that my body is so far behind for Riverbank this year. 

I blame winter.
I blame myself too. 

I thought maybe I would find some motivation and inspiration by working on some scrapbooks! 

It's exactly what I needed to feel inspired again! All of
My scrapbooking supplies are everywhere!!
Saturday Night we stayed up SUPER late watching Father of the Bride 1 and half of Part 2! We were laughing (my husband & I) and I was scrapbooking our races. It was therapy and healing to my soul. 

It's amazing to see how much weight I've lost from this fall. If I could get my butt to the gym, I could actually gain some muscle. I really just want to be outside. Anyone with me??

Anyways, as I study for my SSW licensure test, my treat will be to scrapbook after studying! I hope to complete tour Disneyland book and Dumbo races by May! 

Question: How do you keep track of race memories?


Britt said...

I had Father of the Bridge in my DVD player this weekend, but never got around to watching it!!! I watched the good ol' What a Girl Wants with Amanda Bynes in it.... with one of the high-schoolers from church instead.

Two Runners Travel said...

I love your scrapbook! Christine has done some work on her race scrapbook, but I only have organized my stuff in folders....when day when I need a rocking chair I might get to it! In the meantime, I can be found running! Hope your weather gets better soon!

Sarah said...

I have never seen that movie :(

Sarah said...

As soon as the weather gets better, I will be running Pam. I'm so sick of this snow, but EVERYTIME I go running, I end up with a cold, so I've given up. Sigh. Good weather to come soon.