Monday, March 10, 2014

Live the Way you want to be Remembered

As many of you know, I have a sister who is a highschool senior this year who is going to graduate! I can't believe it!!! Where did the time go?

This past week, two students at her school have passed away suddenly. One was in her senior class and just an out standing young man. He 
embodies what it means to be a bulldog and was very kind to everyone. He lived his life courageously.

The other, just a freshman battling Cancer who had undergone 2 years of Chemo and was under going treatment again because the cancer had returned. She was a very positive, kind spirited person and very well loved among her family, friends and school. She too was a bulldog!

As the families, students, staff, friends and community grieve the losses of both of these wonderful young people, I am remind of these things....

Tomorrow is never promised, so today choose how you want to live and how you want others to remember you.

I also reminded that in times like this people don't need you to fix their pain, but to sit with them. Nothing is going to make this better. Throwing Bible Bandaids at people isn't going to make things better, so sit. LISTEN. Be in the pain with them.

Finally, at the end of the day, I need to remember this! Whether funny or angry, big or small......

May you all be blessed today and live your life, with the gaurteee of no tomoorow!


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XOXO to you Bari and to my Bulldog family!

Sarah said...

Why is spell check so bad on iPhones? Wow, I read that over and could not believe the errors!

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